Anyone else freaked out by the villagers?

To bring a little humor back to everything after the last week. I was just randomly playing in the game and realized how much the villagers really freak me out.
They’re always so happy and wave when you tap them desperate for attention, yet they all look alike they have no personality and they’re all clones and seem to be all men just wandering. Where are they going ? what are they doing ? where do they live? do they live in the mines? inquiring minds want to know… So it started making me think , that there is a whole little world that these villagers are stuck in. Anyone else think about this? Or do I just need to stop drinking…


And something else I just noticed… I just purposely tracked them, they go up to buildings and they’re not even allowed in !! so they’re just constantly walking they never stop to greet each other … Just mindless walking


There’s an old woman in my village who does that.
She paces up and down the streets all day going nowhere. I’ve never seen her do so at night, so presumably she knows how to find her way home come dusk. Freaky indeed.


Lmfao. That’s what made me think. Because men are known for not asking for directions. So maybe these men went out to go shopping and or just don’t want to go home. Because looking at them it’s clear that their men because women would stop and talk.


It freaks me out that the village people walk across a bridge to nowhere and completely disappear…
But then all those bouncing balls freak me out even more. There are some thing that just shouldn’t happen in a game …
Just saying


Exactly!!! Dont forget about popping off snowman heads!!! As for the villagers, u bring up an excellent point! Where do they go? Why aren’t they allowed in the buildings? Why can’t they stop to talk to one another?? Just bizarre. Glad u see it too


I always thought those was SG staff walking around waiting for you to log off so they can take a bit of food and iron from time to time :joy:, might be wrong lol.


Here’s my take on their livelihood


Too much drink…!!! Just go to sleep

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Nah !!

I am more intrigued by what they might be saying when we poke them :rofl: :joy:


The villagers are basically minds of people from the future who wanted to achieve immortality by transferring their minds into a huge supercomputer but something went wrong and they were sent back in time and got stuck endlessly wandering players’ strongholds in E&P.

They are still fully conscious but completely trapped and unable to control their avatars, unable to get out, frankly just waiting for the game servers to be turned off and die so they can finally die as well.

Rumour says non-S1 costumes were their idea.


This reminded me of John Scalzi’s Lock In… EP is really some whacked out room in the Agora where the Hadens wander around aimlessly but can’t interact with each other… :laughing:


They seem pretty unconcerned that a friggin’ giant dragon is flying by every 5 minutes!


And the birds never crap on anything including on them.

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Science should really invent a crap-free bird. Villagers would be happy world-wide.

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They only freak me out at Halloween, when they turn into zombies. Now that is seriously disturbing.

Thank goodness they turn back again in time for Christmas.


Once upon a time there was DikuMUD.
One of the areas - can’t remember if it was an original or later developed - had a mob called the Head Guardian.
He was pretty hard to pull down because he had an extremely brittle key so you couldn’t use any aggressive skill. But once you did, you could open his chest.
It took forever and a lot of attempts to finally get the key and have the much anticipated chance to open the chest, dreaming of fabulous treasures.
Inside we found… the [useless] heads lost by people playing DikuMUD.

It was a clever joke with a certain correlation to truth: DikuMUD was developed at Datalogisk Institut Københavns Universitet, basically the computer science department of University of Copenhagen where playing their creation apparently did impact some students’ academic progression.

Which brings us here:

Halloween is the Head Guardian’s brittle key. It’s when the chest opens and reveals its content. And the villagers become the Dorian Grey portrait of E&P players.


I always thought the villagers were funny. If you could spot a small herd of them in one area and prod them in sequence, you could get a mini Mexican Wave going.



I’ve missed you. :grinning:
Welcome back :hibiscus: :cupcake:

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Halloween is a whole nother matter… Zombies that cure themselves suddenly… Bouncing pumpkins. Smh