Anyone else feel this way?

My point was that my experience was from 4 years ago. This game has not changed one bit. It was never possible to be quickly competitive as F2P in this game. This is a new complaint about a reality that has existed for the entire history of the game.

Just looking after their P2P friends for the umpteenth time in the tournament. With good heroes you always get the stones too late against someone with heroes that you only get if you put mega much money into it. SGS has been taking the fun out of this game for the money for quite some time now.

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To be fair, they’ve never actually told us what the intent of beta testing was; much to the chagrin of many testers including myself. SG simply says “Download it and play, then give your feedback”. There isn’t a specific purpose or intent to it at all.

So really, it could be primarily a test environment to catch bugs and preview reactions. Maybe watch performance on actual users instead of performance when features are played by AI. But my point is that it is anyone’s guess what they use beta for. It must give them some utility; otherwise they wouldn’t continue it. I just wouldn’t advise spending too much time constructing very detailed and organized feedback (which is disheartening to say). Because really, they might primarily look at the stats more than the words.


My thoughts on beta from all who I’ve chatted to in it is they just want to know if the content works.

They have there own opinions on creep, client replayability and spending.

Though beta feedback on all of that it rarely matters, though sometimes they have tweaked a little from feedback.

However some beta players got very frustrated when there in-depth feedback was ignored. This I figured was as you say, you’ve never been given a reason for existing and have created there own, possibly twisted, reasoning for being involved.


I’ve been in beta since December of 2018. Beta users are not a monolith and if SG gives vague to non-existent direction, then SG is going to get users with different opinions on what they should be doing to give appropriate feedback.

Some might be an understatement; and looking at the level of thought and time put into improving the features, it was pretty reasonable in some cases. The testers offered valuable time that would have been spent elsewhere if all they needed to do was check for bugs.

I don’t want to sound adversarial, but why would you insert the word twisted here? Some have definitely exaggerated the importance of their role in beta, but there’s no guidance from SG, so the void is filled with their expectation.

Also remember each person in beta applied in hopes of being accepted. These are folks who are ardent fans and want to see the game and its community prosper. It is unfortunate SG stays silent/asks for feedback instead of saying ‘Really, we just want to make sure this runs smoothly and look at out back-end statistics, but enjoy early access to the content!’

These are my perspectives on the subject and may not be universal. I understand that. I felt from your response that perhaps the understanding wasn’t reciprocal or that you were implying I was uninformed on the subject. My problem isn’t how SG utilizes the beta program, but rather the lack of direction/instruction. And while it’s probably too late to benefit myself, it would be beneficial to SG and its testers in the future to add such clarity.

This was from a post by @Dante2377 in Feb 2019 with a very high number of likes in beta (33). SG has been good about labelling whether loot are placeholders, but the other aspects remain vague to this day.


Twisted as in distorted from the reality. Not a besmirching of the Testers at all. Just more perhaps they thought they were doing one thing, SGG thought they were doing something else.

A lot of what the testers do is very noble, I just don’t think SGG wanted you to be anything but content testers. I.E. does the feature work? Not “what can we do to improve it”. Because I think they have a very singular vision and feedback on anything but bugs isn’t really of interest to them.

The ultimate goal of this game for SGG is to deliver income let’s be honest. And we spend on heroes. Nothing else really. So the bigger and better the heroes the more we collectively throw at the portals.

I know quite a few beta testers, I don’t think any of them has ever said SGG asked for specific feedback on the power of a hero. You guys tell them, I just don’t believe they’ve ever said “Do you think hero X will break the game at the moment”

I’m happy to be wrong but this is where the twisted comes from. Some Beta testers think/thought that they would be able to help guide the game. I genuinely don’t think that was ever your purpose. You are just a cheap bug test unit tbh.

With this game you are actually better off not getting a 5* for a year. I got my first 5* (Aeron) after two months and instantly started levelling him. That put my progress back months as I neglected my 4* heroes (and many 3* too), and I still didn’t have him finished until I’d been playing almost a full year. Didn’t help that I pulled Richard shortly after and started levelling him too.

I would have been better off leaving them alone until I’d built up my 4* bench. I scrambled for more than a year afterwards playing catch-up.


Actually this is a complaint that has existed almost as long as the game. There are threads about the gap between F2P and P2W from 2018.

For example (from May '18):

As long as the game is alive there will be players complaining about it.


Never has 1 statement been proven so strongly. :beers: :popcorn:


What you are saying is correct right now. Before SG was asking feedback about hero’s and if they are strong based on beta feedback they used to balance them before the release but recently it’s changed and they don’t want feedback on hero’s , how powerful they are and what community is expecting. They just want us to test ,only bugs. We provided the separate feedback sheet in beta for S3 hero’s.
After the negative feedback from beta about hotm and event hero costume they stopped listening to beta feedback.


I am glad you clarified your meaning of the word twisted, and I am grateful to @Kikyo for asking. When I first saw it, I associated it with something else other than "“not aligned with reality”.

I am grateful to our beta testers, as I believe the vast majority of them (if not all), applied to be beta testers with very noble and altruistic methods. And I join the chorus of those who wish SG would be more clear with what they want to get out of beta testers - it takes time and effort to be one, after all.

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Nice try :slight_smile: First of all this human greed has no limits!!! So u can expect more and more “if u want…, u have to buy”, there is no doubt about it!!! The power difference between F2P and P2W players is greater and greater because of the greed of SG!!!

Look I am completely F2P. Been playing and in the same alliance now for just under 2 years and just hit level 70 a few hours ago.

Can we take down 14* Titans? Lol no. We can do 7 maybe 8 but 9 wipes the floor with us. But I’m still happy.

Can I be competitive in raid? Sure. I never dip below diamond unless I’m dropping cups on purpose and generally stay 2500+ after defending and recently attained 2750 or so after offense (next morning lost 200 points lol) but my highest cup total was 2887 and that was within the past year.

I can complete basically any non-tower event as I just don’t have enough heros to make it through and I don’t buy or use gems for things like continues.

The above can be done with a roster that has only 13 5* of which 9 have emblems (5 maxed and one LB) and 1 VF hero that I’m working on now.

So I get where you are coming from. I feel like it’s getting tougher to raid against these really strong teams but it’s also making me a better player and thinking my strat out…not just with boards and tiles but in how and when to burn my tokens and gems.

I manage my expectations and realize that it’s damn near impossible to compete against elite teams unless I get lucky. Doing so allows me to enjoy the game.

What gets me more upset is the pace of game. Too many changes and I feel burned out trying to get as much stuff done as possible since F2P means you gotta do the stuff as you need to RNG to better your chances to improve.


Totally i agreed. I play this game for enough years to say that this game destroyed the joy of play… I have many moment when i think to quit but somehow i find in my alliance great friends great people and is hard for me to quit. But you guys with this strategy of game… buy, buy buy… money, money i’m sad…

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