Anyone else feel this way?

I have an idea for SG. How about making this game F2P again? I mean sure, you can play without spending money, you just cant complete all events/quest, it will take you a year to level up a hero, and 6 months or more to LB a 5*. You will always be raiding in a lower tier, you will almost never get a competitive 5* hero, and if you do, they might get nerfed. Another 6-12 months to max emblem a 5* hero. Likely wont make it into an alliance killing 14* titans, which give you the best chance at 4 star mats. (Seems odds have been decreased for that as well). ETC ETC.
The fact is, this game has been going P2P at an increasingly fast rate. Limit breaker quest on completion don’t even give you enough to LB a 5 star , and the only other places you can get them are either from war loot (very small odds), from tournaments (seems harder to get good placement without buying back in) and of course from buying them. Chest and farming loot has been increasingly worse. (Good thing they sell ascension mats and food and iron bundles). SG is buffing great heroes that are very hard to get, and nerfing more obtainable heroes, after players spent to get them, and used rare ascension mats to max them. Now they are making Atlantis a day shorter, making it even harder to get items and resources for free.

When I started playing this game, I felt like if a player was smart, put alot of effort/time into this game, and really worked at it, they could be at least semi competitive. I did those things, and unfortunately also spent alot of money. As a result, I was able to become a very good player, and play at the highest levels. Now, over the course of about the last 6 months, as I have cut back significantly on my spending, I have become less and less of a competitive player, because I just cant keep up with the power creep, and so many things being behind a paywall.

I am really sad for this game, and the many players who have left, and are losing the enjoyment this game used to have. Greed and lack of concern for players is quickly killing this game.

In conclusion, what can we as players do about it? Well we can quit, but many of us don’t want to do that, even though we are close to being forced too. We can do nothing, say nothing, and just ignore it all, while it continues to get worse. We can continue to play, but stop spending, and accept that we will slowly fall behind. Or we can continue to play, stop spending, and speak up, and fight for what is right. If you don’t like what SG is doing, let it be known in the forums, leave a 1* review in the playstore, and if you have an outlet such as YouTube, use it to speak out. For all that took the time to read all for this, thank you. I wish you all the best.


Writing multiple threads just makes more work for the mods ( who are players like the rest of us )


How does it make more work for them? My original thread didnt show up anywhere, so I changed it to “general discussion”. Besides, I think SG is making more work for moderators than any player could possibly do.


The game is still relatively f2p, “except” for Tower of Magic. No one is forced to buy anything except if they wish to complete ToM.

Maybe you are correct. Maybe not. I’m not f2p, I’m vc2p. I mostly purchase the Share the Gems offer for my alliance, and occasional discount VIP. I don’t remember the last time I bought discount VIP…

I suppose you are talking about a newer player won’t make it into an alliance killing 14* titans. You’d be correct on that. I know it is possible for f2p to join an alliance killing 14* titans, based on knowing of a few f2p in top 100 alliances, and another two alliances killing 14* titans. I believe the reality is that there are just a few f2p, who would’ve had to have started playing years ago.

(Btw, I haven’t noticed any drop in 4* mats from 14* titans.)

I don’t think anyone could legitimately argue that the game is not increasingly P2P. I’m glad that LB doesn’t give enough aether to LB a 5*.

Would you happen to track your chests? I loosely track mine, and haven’t noticed any significant difference…

Would you care to advise on how you have become less and less of a competitive player?

I think the current state of the game is too busy, and, how to say this in a reasonable way, offers too many unnecessary offers (such as LB before we have finished the first cycle LB quests).

It is sad that many people left, but I’d hope that they are happy, enjoying freedom from this game. :slightly_smiling_face: I keep in contact with a few via Line.

I have been speaking up on the forum for many months. For example: against costumes for non-S1 heroes, and against LB.

They delayed the costumes for Springvale, and introduced them at Sand Empires. They introduced LB. It feels like SG will just do whatever they want to do.

I really think the best thing to do, is to vote with your wallet. :wink:


The game was never “F2P” like you are describing. 3-1/2 years ago it took me a year to ievel up a hero, and I had no illusions then of competing with the whales. I never even reached the shadow of diamond tier for almost two years.


When I reference F2P players and being competitive and in a competitive alliance, I am indeed referencing newer(ish) players. Of course if a player has been playing for 3 plus years, and/or used to spend and just recently stopped, they can be in a good alliance, and have a decent roster. When I say I am becoming less competitive as I have went C2P, and F2P for a short time before that, is because P2P are continuing to improve/get stronger, at a much much faster rate than the rest of us. The teams you raid against, and play against in tournaments are much stronger. Doing well in events is harder. Etc etc. Just today I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is semi competitive, and has been playing alot longer than I have. He brought up how much harder it is becoming to win in raids and tournaments, because he doesnt get emblems, LM, new heroes, etc at nearly the rate of P2P players. As far as Titan loot, I loosely keep track, but I wasnt chaining 14 star titans for awhile when I took a break from top 100, so Im willing to concede prior to that I may have had a run of very bad luck. But in the scheme of things, the advantage that P2P players have over F2P players, is only a small issue for me. (Maybe because I used to spend alot). It is everything else that really bothers me. Nerfs are a terrible thing for the game and the players, with very minimal exceptions. Having to pay to finish anything in the game is horrible. Having to pay for a balance update to heroes in the form of costumes, is terrible. With the exception of season 1. Not that I loved that, but I can give SG the benefit of the doubt there. The lack of communication is something that is very annoying, and makes no sense either. Buffing already great, rare heroes, also kinda puts me, and other players like myself a bit more behind, as well. The list of negative and very poorly received decisions by SG is very long, and I always forget several until after the fact lol. I truly want this game to be successful, but they are shooting themselves in the foot on a daily basis. O ya, I do keep track of my chest (loosely) and what I have noticed, is a small decrease in the ham, and emblems (just recently on the emblems). I have never had luck with mats in chest lol, so that hasnt changed.


The game was much much more F2P friendly then, than it is now. Not saying you didnt have a big advantage as a P2P back then, but now it is a whole different level. You have more you can get now, along with many more offers for those things.


I agree with you.

5* heroes from tc20 used to be competitive. Nowadays the majority of them are not. I’d say there’s only a small number of exceptions, and it’d depend on how competitive you are (alliance level etc).

Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t recommend this game to a brand new f2p today. As I’ve written here on the forum a few months ago, the new player today starts out more behind than ever. Ofc, the choice is up to the individual.


I understand your frustration at the game. However I agree with others that creating multiple threads on the same issue doesn’t really work.
With that said, I think every veteran player realised following the introduction of S2 that the game was going to change and change again as it progressed.
Some of the changes have been great others have been “odd” to say the least. And a couple (in my opinion) have panned out to be relatively “poor” - Telluria and Magic Tower.
And after 12 months of playing, the game can become addictive to some. In particular if you are competitive. And that’s how they hook you with the power creep thing.
You pay to get the best heroes possible to play at a higher level - but to stay in that position (or improve your ranking) you need to spend more and spend more again to get those shiny new heroes. And that is SGs business model to generate income, in simple terms it’s all about gambling….
Unfortunately if you don’t spend in the game you don’t progress quickly enough to stay on top of it and you start to fall behind (in your own eyes). At that point it can get very frustrating for some players and the enjoyment ebb’s away. We will all get there in the end.
I am now very cheap to play, but understand that over the next 12 months I will fall behind and not be able to sweep away the 5000+ strength teams full of LBs and +20 emblems (and by that time heroes will probably have something new - weapons?). So I appreciate that my remaining time in this game is going to be limited.
My advice to anyone new that loads this game is “Don’t load your credit card and - Never spend any money whatsoever”.
I wish you well in your game and lots of luck. But if it no longer brings you fun and enjoyment (as a real game should), then look for something more rewarding. Your time is precious and life is just too short to fret about a game


This is exactly where I stand atm. My last purchase of regular offers was during the Tower of magic, and since then my only expense was Share the gems offer. My intention is to participate in those alliance deals occasionally, still contemplating what about PoV. The same happened to my partner.

It’s a completely different game experience when you know there’s a great chance you will not get a HoTM, who knows if and when I can hope for an event or any other 5*, etc… But you know, it was enough. I have a number of legendary heros in my roster to level until I’m here (yeah, some will be perceived as obsolete, but I can’t hope I will get anything better), and let’s see how long I can enjoy in this daily routine.

P.S. I admire true f2p people in this game. All the hard work with such a slim chances for the real progress and such a harsh game economy… Wow, I am truly amazed.


No, it was a little more f2p friendly then, not much more. A lot of this “let’s return to the f2p-friendly past” is just nostalgia, like how the '50’s were the golden age in America. In reality, not so much.


I think is was more than just a little early on. ftp had the same pool of heroes to work with as the spenders. Season 1 heroes. Grinding and patience got you tc20 and access to the same heroes the spenders got sooner. Ftp was a step behind. People felt hard work and patience was indeed a reward. Someone starting ftp now would not even be in the same planet as spenders. FTP can now hope to pull a random event hero. It happens. But, generally, they will be playing against monsters, outgunned and outclassed with their tc20 heroes.


There was a limited number of things one could buy to make a difference - pretty much just heros (which were comparable in terms of power), some resources and that’s it. Now there’s much more variety in offers: heros with significant power gap in many portals, emblems, aethers, asc mats… All of it matters in determining the power of a player, and it makes harder for people who don’t spend to keep the pace. And yes, there’s no way back. :joy:

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I get it but there’s still F2P who are able to compete. We have 3 in Jesters and whilst they don’t have the roster depth some of us have they are still doing there bit week in, week out. Now 2 of them have adopted a more cleaning/mop up role in Wars and if you have an ego this might feel demeaning maybe but they don’t care. Wars are a team effort and they help us to beat teams well above us in overall power. We’ve been punching above our weight for ages now.

I can imagine seeing spenders dangling new heroes they’ve got (and I’m guilty of this too) might get frustrating but they are still playing and I assume enjoying it too.

But again, the game is what it is. If it’s getting frustrating then I totally think people should take a break or something from it. All that’s happening now is people are getting worked up and hoping SGG will listen. They won’t as they think they know best. Whether that’s proven right or wrong only time will tell but getting angry at a mobile game just seems the most pointless venture I’ve ever heard off.


End of the day f2p will be f2p yes game is more hostile towards f2p now that it was when i started.
And yes silent nerfs to everything can still be felt when a percent chance is made half percent.
Titan drops for 4* materials, less from chests too, less Atlantis time etc. I am still suprised that ETT drop as frequent as before can’t say that about EHT.
Backstabbing players after they maxed a hero, hero gets nerfed nothing to make up for that loss precious resource.
And SGG speaks of game economy but it’s not existant cos its a monopoly one sided they just lose money from selling it’s not like the item loses the value in game.

Telling people not to be angry at a game that is unethical and is being ruined by the devs, seems a pointless venture. And the only F2P players that are able to compete have either played for a very long time, or have spent a decent amount of money in the past. I know from your many other post, that you downplay the significance of poor SG decisions, and tell people to just take a break and dont bother speaking up. And with the amount of players leaving (facts) I think it is safe to say they dont know what is best, so not sure why you think time will tell lol


Sure, people that started years ago, when it was more balanced and ftp friendly. They now made their way to a top alliance for cleanup duty. They had that period when they were a step behind and kept at it. It shows there was and is hope for the older ftp players. An ftp starting now? we will see in 2-3 years if they can join your alliance…still with mostly season 1 heroes…while the spenders have even more ridiculous heroes. That’s if they don’t get frustrated along the way. Its a different landscape and its tough to compare older ftp to the ones now.


Tbh, I’m not quite sure why are you referring to my post here. My point was that by nature of things this game has evolved into more p2p game over time, simply by adding more and more things you can choose to buy to grow stronger. That difference must be larger today in comparison to the beginnings of the game. Again, by nature of things we can’t go back. As you said, the game is what it is.

In some previous posts I elaborated how these changes will affect my game life. No anger, no despair. So really, not sure why me. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I just evolved my response. Wasn’t aimed at you. Well the start was…then I meandered

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I’m fully aware how angry you are, you’ve posted lots about it. I haven’t told you not to be angry. Be as angry as you like.

I, personally, don’t see the point in being angry. I own nothing in this game and one day they will flip the server switch to off and that’s it. This is inevitable.

So, my view, why be angry? I spend, not a small sum either. I do so in the knowledge that everything is changeable and ultimately worth nothing. I can’t sell anything so my spend in this game is no different to buying magic beans at the market. It’s a waste, pure and simple.

The difference is whether I enjoy the waste. Currently I do but the day I don’t, off I go to my next adventure.

There’s many big things happening in the real world to be angry about right now. This is an escape from all that. So if this is as annoying as the real world issues why on earth would you keep playing it? Go find something else to do that’s fun.

Has the game changed? Yes. Do you have any say in it? No

Do you have any say whether you play it? Yes.

So use your freedom of choice to the decisions in your life that make you the happiest.


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