Anyone else experience this? Revive problem: Muggy bug(gy) in tourney?

I’m just going to post this & add, there was the distinct sound of a special going off. Just a guess, but it seemed like a muggy chameleon went off even though there was no chameleon (or shadow of one) on the board.

Hmmm… what?

Anyway, next time when you think you see a bug, take a screenshot. The only thing anyone can understand from your explanation: Kailani died, revived as chameleon, fired and killed your heroes. Not a bug whatsoever…


Sorry if the explanation was unclear &, yeah, wish I had a screenshot.

Kailani was not dead. She was the only hero left on the board when it was over. Her mana was not fully charged but her flame was still lit. I had killed off the muggy chameleons prior.

I’m just interested if others experienced this as well.

Sounds like one of the weird revive bugs…

Probably like this one:

Otherwise may be linked to this:


FYI: I adjusted the title, I think it was too general :slight_smile:

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