Anybody lose there entire game play lately?

Hi everyone-

Tuesday the 16th of March I lost my game play from the past 9 months. I have tried contacting support which has responded however without any help. Signing out and back in does not help.

I got to level 33 and was on team youradiva with the leader of the group is malicious estate.

The game restarted me from the beginning.

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue within the last few months.


I was ranked 3rd on the team (elder).


Have you checked if your Google Play Games profile was deleted or if the app was uninstalled from your cellphone? Take a look, maybe the issue is your Play Games and not the game


I can only say that in these day I have to log in with Google Play often but the pop-up told me that I weren’t signed up every time.


Hi there;

Unfortunately most of us members of the fourm are just players like you and me. Individual account issues is the perview of the support team.

To get in touch with support:

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I have been back and forth with support. Seems to be different answers but the last chat was if I had any purchases within the last year. Fortunately I have one total and sent in the picture of it from September 2020. So hopefully they can work with that.

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It took one week but my lost game is finally back. I have no idea what happened and why it’s back but I’ll take it. Thanks support for the help and good luck to everyone.


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