Anybody knows how to change/influence chest times?

Hi guys,

up until some days ago, my monster chest started at about 6 am. I could skip one, a second at 2 pm and the last at 10 pm.

I was away for a weekend and went online very late at night and skipped some chests.

Since then the times have shifted for another hour, meaning the last chance to skip is at 11 pm. In especially on workdays that‘s a bit late for my taste, thus my question:

Does anybody know how to change that time? It obviously can be influenced, as it had been 10 pm for months - any ideas or tipps how to do that?

Please note that I’m not asking about skippng blocks etc :grin: Thanks for any input

I believe you can skip 3 chests in a 24 hr period and get a skip back after 8 hrs, so to get back on track you would need to miss a chest.


Thanks for the input, I let the hero chest run out and will skip one only after the monster chest is ready - maybe that helps :thinking:

Looks like it was not that easy…. Thought it‘d would work like a charmat first, left the 11pm chest untouched over night and filled both of them only after they were unlocked in the morning after 12 hours. I even waited for 12 hours again till the evening, but after speeding up then the last one would still have been available to speed up at 11 pm. Left it alone and will try again today.

Looks like there is yet another trick to it :confused:

It seems you are describing a daylight saving time issue. If my guess is correct it might require you to associate yourself with a different time zone.

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Thanks for your input, but I doubt it. Time shifted from 22:04 to 22:47, so it‘s no hour sooner or earlier…