Anybody else got connection problems?

Hello Forum,

both of my two alliances bothered last Friday 1st Feb with massive connection problems. We did not get into the game, having error messages like: problems mit asset server, problem during log-in, server not available.
Now again, but this time even without any message why…anybody else?

As last Friday the connection of my phone is brilliant. No issues with other apps even YouTube is fine.
Also restart of app does not help.

Both alliances are located in Germany if this is important…

No problems here right now (Ukraine). So maybe region based error.

Me too…two connection fails in the last 30min…cost me a won raid …grr

Yes, I just got kicked out for a few seconds. and when I got back in, most of what I had been doing for the last few minutes was undone.

The raid chest I had just filled was back to 39/40 (but the energy was still gone, of course) and the hero I had been feeding had lost levels etc.

Edit: and now in my watchtower the raid I won and filled my chest with before, is now listed as a loss.

The same issue (Belarus)

I had the same issue moments ago. My titan hit which should have been about 30k + was lost and the flag for the hit also. It showed “submitting results” for about 30 seconds and then the same as your screenshot

Also, I am East Coast of USA

Same issue for me. I had over 60 heroes being trained and they disappeared.

iPhone, iOs 12.1, 10:15ish EST. Used one titan flag, collected 15 TC feeders and gave to heroes, used 3 loot tickets for S2 board, fed heroes gained. Connection icon appeared, and then I was booted from server.

Instant reconnect, and all was as it had been when I first logged on at 10:15. Chatted with team in alliance chat, and will try to spend flags/heroes again. Luckily, titan has a few hours to kill yet.

I had a similar issue. About 9:20AM US Central time, I noticed that the monster chest I had opened about 20 minutes prior was now saying I needed 40 more kills to open. So I look around and find that the levels I completed are not complete, the training i had started is not there, and the world energy i used is back. It’s as though all my progress from the last 30 minutes had the rewind button pressed.

Connection problems around. I lost 3 we only, but I’ve heard of other players losing titan energy.

I’m seeing some chat issues too, it seems, with the usual spinning wheel of doom.

Definitely been buggy the last few days for me. Game cut out in the middle of a battle. Like others, when I got back in, the energy used for the battle was gone. Chat has been buggy.

Clearly something has been up with their servers.

Many thanks to all replied to my topic!

@Petri and rest of SG members.
Can you pls check this? Seems that your server got problems…

Heyyyy guys I’m having trouble getting into my game…Haven’t played it since 02/04/19 @ 9:56am EST

can someone help me get back into the game​:worried::worried::worried:

He’s what Small Giant recommends for troubleshooting connection problems. Hopefully, this helps you get back online.

If not, I’d definitely submit a support ticket.

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Myself and several members of my alliance are having issues connecting. I was on a couple of hours ago and now can not connect, and yes I’m on a reliable network. This has just started since the last update.
We are on both iOS and android

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