Anybody dropped Telluria Since Nerf?

I’ve jumped to Heimdall but that was because of the change with Rush wars and I don’t have enough Paladin emblems to have both.

But the changes in resetting emblems and the cheaper cost made it a much easier process.

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Telluria is still my tank and our alluance’s most common war defense tank. We are not that privileged and competitive enough to get those prized and better alternative tanks like Garnet, Black Knight, Krampus, etc., much less better flanking heroes in Frigg, costumed Kadilen or Odin, and ideal heroes at wings like Killhare, Cobalt, Onyx or Finley. Some of us do have a few of them, but not enough to warrant us for a change of war tank. Most of don’t even have a better hero ideal to serve as tank since Telly is the tankiest hero we mostly have, and we only have one player who got a Heimdall. I for one lack other alternative that has tanky stats. Ares? Nah, too obsolete. Kunchen? Nah, almost a passive tank. Mitsuko? Nah, too situational. Zulag? Nah, too defensive and can’t really be enjoyed on offense.

I guess we are not alone on this. Few other alliances, if not more, have the same experience and stance that we do. I can tell because I still see Telly serving as defense tank in the top 100 leaderboards.

We are still green tanks. Currently ranked about 525…

Our war is 26 v 26 this time and our tanks are below:

Telluria- 8
Heimdall - 6
C.Kadilen - 2
Zeline - 2
C.Lianna - 2
Lianna - 2
Frigg - 1
Kadilen - 1
Atmos - 1
Buddy - 1

So a wide mix and the Heimdalls were previously 3 more Telluria and a mix.

Currently on a 6 win streak too so it’s not easy pickings for opponents but nice to have variety.

It’s also fun seeing our “weaker” teams tank hits. Buddy gets wins which always makes us laugh…don’t underestimate the mischievous little elf. With 20 emblems he’s actually pretty decent and sponges up the weaker teams people use to try and clean the board.

Now I’m sure when you get higher than this things change. We got up to 350th a while back and suddenly it was wall to wall 4600+ defences. But our level still sees variety. We get blue and purple tanks from time to time too so it’s still fun seeing what we are going to get.

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Yes, I went Seshat, GM, Krampus, Francine, Delilah (going to replace her with another sniper once i pull one).

She’s doing better than black knight? I would disagree there

Telluria is still a great tank, but obviously less dominant than before the nerf.
Personally, I would replace her with Heimdall if I got him.

Telluria is getting dropped from my team as soon as I think I have enough food and iron to transfer emblems from Telluria to Heimdall.
Finding it tougher to move emblems from Telluria and Vela now to other people

Edit: Telluria has now been dropped for Heimdall and war/raid defense performance has improved significantly (though not yet statistically significantly (so maybe not significantly at all))

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That’s my plan too.
Drop Telluria and put in Heimdall and Krampus.
But I need a strong red hitter before I do that

I still run Seshat- GTV- Joon as my base war D.

Going to change my regular raid D to this when I get some more emblems for Kingston

And going to swap Glenda in for Vela on wars when I get some more emblems for her.

Up until this war I was running a Brynhild tank, the only 4* on the battlefield let alone as tank. She is greatly underestimated and would get wins every war, including soaking up 9 flags from 5 hits in the previous war.

Hoping the move to Frigg was a good one…

I dropped Telluria when I maxed out Black Knight and Frigg. Heimdall took her emblems when he got maxed.

Now, Telluria is relegated to 4th or 5th line War attacks.

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One of our alliance @Tess_01 used to sponge hits with a low emblem Heimdall. I mean 3 or 4 hits not uncommon.

But in a push to make all of our defences better more emblems went in and suddenly more 1 shots.

Our best guess is people tried to use there weak blue or 6th teams to get a “cheeky 1 shot” and get caught out by how tough it actually was.

Whereas seeing it with a lot more emblems meant more respect is given and they just go with the good teams first.

It’s all hypothetical as we don’t actually know but I know Buddy definitely sponges hits still and that’s the only conclusion we can get to.

I try to think about other green tanks, but I’m still not convinced by Heimdall and Atomos.

I still lose a lot of raids against Telly tanks when the board is limited. Heimdall’s slow mana and lack of punishing SS are still big drawbacks in my opinion. I’m not impressed when I face him in raids…

But my Freya is almost 4-80 and she’ll get a ton of emblems. She might be a very good choice.

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I’m so tired of green tank wars.

What do you guys think of Telluria as Tank in Rush War.

She’s fine. I used her as tank in the previous very fast war. At +20, she was flanked by SW+18 and Drake+19 and at wings were Albe+19 and a maxed but unemblemed MN. Noone from the enemy alliance was able to one-shot me.

I will see how she fares this current war.

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