Anybody dropped Telluria Since Nerf?

The title pretty much says it all.
I have the tonics to ascend Telluria but need to know if he is still worth it?
My personal experience is since the Nerf i have been killing Telluria much easier. When he activates it’s not enough to cause me problems. So I’m worried about wasting the Tonics.

What else do you have to use the tonics on?

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No regrets on my side…I am still putting emblems on Telli…you are probably right that she is easier to kill but is still the most punishing tank when you have a bad board. Have lesser troubles with Kunchen or Guin.


No regrets… I use her often in raids and farming. Needed a green heal… so she’s proven herself worthy of the tonics outside of just a war tank. :woman_shrugging:


“I’m dropping Telly if they nerf” was the equivocal claim to “I’m moving to Canada if they win.”

Nobody actually does it.


Well… this morning I woke up to -10 cups… see the (large) screenshot in the detail thingie below:

click here to see stitched together screenshot of this morning's raid results

So I’d say Telluria is working out OK… no plans to change, no regrets, full steam ahead! :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


yes, i am considering putting a fast powerful hitter centre instead.
When I go against Telluria ‘if’ he activates the special skill causes me very little hindrance.Whereas if I activate Lianna she kills one of my players.

I think SHE is still the top tank in the game. I have her at +17. At my level of gameplay, my defense with her keeps me in the high 2600-2700 range. Very Solid diamond score. And as I raid I often end up raiding my way into top 100 where she is almost always the tank.

I’m sure some people have dropped her, but the top players who have her have not made any change, especially if they can flank her with Vela and Jean/Grave


Thanks for the feedback, the reason I ask is because I am considering putting a fast powerful hitter centre instead.
When I go against Telluria ‘if’ he activates the special skill causes me very little hindrance.Whereas if I activate Lianna she kills one of my players.

It might help to know what else you run. If I activate Lianna, I wouldn’t normally die unless I my heroes were already weakened. But the same would be true of any sniper.

I guess you could do that… but if I came across that defense, I would definitely attack you and chances are that I would win. You might take out one of my heroes that way, but fast hitters usually don’t have an amazing defense score. It would be easier to take out a fast hitter with fewer tiles than a tanky hero with a strong defense.


Go to the top 100 Leaderboards. Let us know how many Lianna tanks you see.

She’s a S1 Hero, easily accessible, and been around long enough to have been tested as tank. Yet you won’t find her anywhere as a tank, now, or in the past.

That said, she’s been an excellent wing or flank, so if you need a sniper, go for it. Just don’t expect mitch from her as a tank.

Telly, on the other hand, is rampant.


Thanks for the Feedback.

Just my two-cents worth. Im not a high ranking player. I am a c2p. And i do not dream of reaching 3000cups or finish 1st in events, etc.

I chose to ascend my tarlak first since i use him more to finish events and push the map. Telly, at 3-70, may be the better hero but using him as a tank might push me too far up into the raid battlefield. I do not have enough heroes to [consistently] beat all (about 95%) telly tank teams in the high 2600+. I sit comfortably at 2400 and can fill my raid chest consistently at diamond tier.


Love this. :rofl::rofl: totally something I would say to describe the drop down menu. :wink:


Got ya…it’s what you prefer. The thing is that most snipers are very squishy and mostly with a 3/2 stack or 4/1 stack killed quickly. Telluria will withstand a lot more damage. I hate to face snipers and Telluria so in my eyes you can do nothing wrong =D if I could turn back time I would ascend my heroes regarding my attack style and not my defence needs. So I your case Lianna over Telluria.

Oh dear God NO! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok , it seems everyone is still 100% for Telli, looks like she is going to emblems with snipers on flank.

Telluria is a she… and still a top 3 tank (if not top 1) in my opinion. I’m glad I have her and she’s gonna get emblems once she’s maxed.


Lianna is an excellent sniper but she does nothing to help the rest of the team. Telluria when she fires heals and adds minion buffers to the rest of the team, making them much more durable and more likely to fire themselves. Telluria in isolation is not all that scary (even pre-buff I could deal with just her) but it’s how she helps her supporting cast that makes her so tough. Especially if that supporting cast includes Vela. I’ve yet to win against a Telly-Vela defense. My Malosi is desperate for another set of darts.


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