Any words on new buildings?

I was wondering if the new buildings have already hit beta? Have some cleanup to do on my bench and don’t know if I should hold on to these 4* dupes and trips a bit longer in case they are of use for the new hero academy.

Not yet, but we hope to get them into beta soon!


Please make hero academy great. As a newer player with many newer hotm duplicates but missing many old hotm, the ability to trade in dupes will make me love this game more.

Thanks Petri, appreciate the quick response. So if you were me - would you hold on to the dupes and trips (which I would feed away otherwise) for the hero academy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I seriously doubt he’ll ever advise anyone on that kind of thing lol. He’s a developer-he can’t. There’s a lot of different opinions out there but I can tell you more room in your roster is never a bad thing so…personally I’m occasionally buying more space and keeping all mine for now. It’s up to you though. I’ve heard rumors of possibly needing 4-5 of a hero depending on how it ends up working. All anybody can say for sure is keeping them is the only way to guarantee you won’t be kicking yourself for feeding them away.

@Freddeey As you have duplicates of HoTMs, you are most probably a P2W player who doesn’t mind spending several thousand gems.

Additional roster space is very cheap: the first eight or ten times (didn’t count so I don’t know the exact number) you buy 5 additional slots, you only have to pay 50 gems each, next eight times or so cost 100 gems for +5 slots, then 150 etc

So, 100 extra slots only cost 1500-2000 gems, substantially less than a 10x summon.

I would definitely keep every 5* hero, no matter how many copies you have, and probably also keep some 4* heroes.

As for me, C2P with only one HoTM and rather few other 5*, I keep any 5* I get (no matter how many copies) and one unleveled copy of every 4* hero in addition to those I’ve already leveled (two copies of great heroes like Kiril, Grimm, Proteus etc just in case) until we definitely know how Hero Academy is going to work. As already said, roster space is cheeeeeeap :smile:


It seems you are referring to @BossWolf

@yelnats_24 You’re right. Mixed up Bosswolf’s statement and OP’s question.

Still, I recommend keeping any 5* and quite some 4* heroes for whatever may come.

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From the AMA - Alchemy building first with a target of summer. Hero academy second with a target of before Christmas. They wouldn’t commit to having a feature that would let you trade dups in, because they hadn’t finalized design. The advice in the AMA was not to save dups in anticipation of this feature (though you night have other reasons to).

While things might have changed, my guess is they haven’t put a ton more though in on the academy since the runway is so long and they have other features coming sooner.

As for me, i have some dups of “not so great” 5 stars that I’m keeping because I almost never feed a 5 star to another hero. So I have 3 Justices, and 3 Elena’s, 2 Elks, etc…you just never know what buffs will happen, or how skins may change the usefulness of a hero.

Uninteresting 4 star dups I feed off quickly and without thinking about it.


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4* heroes are relatively easier to get than 5s, I keep only 1 dup of 4 s and feed away the rest, but 5*s I keep.


Will you be able to get old HOTM through the academy??? That is highly unlikely imo. You’ll probably sacrifice those hotm for a chance at a clasic 5*.

Waiting anxiously for the hero academy!

Unclear. Re-reading the transcript, this is the cleanest statement:

There’s been speculation that there could be a like-gets-like principle: if you convert a Classic legendary, you get a Classic; if you convert a Season 2, you a Season 2; etc. But these are all just speculation without foundation.


Thanks kerridoc. We’ll probably have more info when the academy hits beta.

This is the most ideal scenario, I hope it has a guarantee, not random. Something like 3 anzogh trade in for a gravemaker etc. As new players are in disadvantage for missing some of the best hotm, but have surplus of current ones.

Hi Petri! Is there any kind of troop converter building being planned?

:rofl: May I point out how uncommon and/or unhelpful guaranteed heroes you can get in the game are?

  • Some horrible store deals give guaranteed 3* heroes.
  • First place in a challenge event (out of over a million players) gets you a gusranteed 4* or 5* hero.

Am I missing another way?

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