Any word on February's HotM? (Kunchen)



People tend to dismiss any slow hero, only ever looking at specials and ignoring the stats Kunchen has very high defense, with a buff against yellow if he goes off. I think he is being dismissed way too early just because of slow mana. I think he will be a great tank personally and worth getting.


I noticed this the first time I saw both of their cards, and requested they shift the stats in beta. & They had, previously to release, but it looks like they’ve gone back to the original stats (which were identical to Onatel’s from the beginning). Hope they switch it back :no_mouth:


I missed this one. Thank you for clarifying.

I agree. Matching stats to an event hero is one thing. Two in a row hotms is another.


I would love to have him even though he’s slow but his resistant to reduce defense n a cleric make it a better tank / healer.

Plus he reduce enemy defense and cleanse too. Not sure abt others but i think he will be one of the better purple heroes both attack / defense due to his unique skill and love to get him.


I canr recall if its been noted already, but Kunchen is not immune to elemental -defense, like Jackal’s. Like any purple tank, the commenness and mana speed of Jackal is a great vulnerability.


It’s actually been a point of confusion, as there were mixed statements about beta in this thread:

And in this one before it:


Alright mr forum oracle, have you seen any compare/contrast posts about kunchen & aeron?


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That’s not much of a comparison lol

If he gets neither then we’ll hear “i didnt get kunchen or aeron, no regrets, tabbards will be better placed with x in month of x” lol

Just thinkin aeron heals close to the same amount i believe but has the immune perk that applies to any color and not just yellows, plus he’s average mana over slow mana

While i’m not quite sold one way or the other, i am leaning towards aeron over kunchen


I haven’t seen extensive comparison of them so far. You could start a thread on it without being likely to end up merged. :wink:


But as Kunchen has +x% yellow defense buff which can’t be dispelled so Jackals debuff shouldnt work on him? Evelyn, Panther etc do work.


From what I’ve read it works but it ends up only being an 8 percent debuff instead of 54 if kunchen has his elemental protection active


That seems kinda odd


Jackals elemental debuff stacks on top of kunchens elemental link buff, just like other buffs/debuffs stack with elemental links

Sure it doesnt dispel it but drops the buff down to -8% instead of +46%

And yes this has been tested and proven in game and is working as intended

I dont like it either but is what it is


Don’t we need a debuffer way more than a cleanser? We have too many 5* cleansers already. Kunchen would have been perfect if instead of clean status ailments, would have debuffed all enemies.
Just my opinion.


Or both…


He debuffs the defense of 3 enemies. Sure i guess all would be an improvement but he still debuffs and cleanses…


Any rankings yet on Kunchen? Trying to decide if I want to do multiple pulls this month for him or not. Seems like a 5* Rigard.


Wait to pull wonderland event on 14th feb.

Kunchen more like vivica and slightly better. So if vivi rank B and kunchen should be rank B


What? Do they just nerfed my Kunchen from Three-eyed Vagabond to just mere Mystical Vagabond? This is an outrage!