Any way to see previous gems offer?

Id like to see past gems offers to figure out what future can bring.
I loved Halloween offers and those that costs $2
So i wonder the frecuency of them to save some money .

Im relative new so i couldnt play most of the events

Not really.

Best you can hope for is someone posting previous offers.

In general tho:

  • There is a set of cheap offers at the end of the month during Atlantis Rises which have coins and gems
  • Cheap offers in the second week of each month (during challenge) for gems
  • Every second month there is a tiered offer for gems, summons tokens and ascention materials (upper tiers)
  • 4 seasonal events which feature an offer calendar (Christmas, Easter, summer and Halloween).

There are also miscellaneous offers from time to time And bonus offers to newer/ returning players.


You can take a look at last years Christmas offers here

Christmas Offers (calendar)

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Thanks for your info!

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