Any way to make the forum page populate from newest to oldest

Any way to make the forum page populate from newest to oldest. Mine gives me oldest to newest so i have to go to the bottom of the page to get to the newest posts…tia

Do you mean when you open up a thread?

yes like this one. When I read the comments it gives me the oldest first, then I have to scroll to the bottom to get tho the newest

The thread should always start back on the last post you read when you re-enter it, instead of at the very oldest post. Is that not happening for you? Or are you meaning you want even threads you’ve never opened before to start at the newest post?

I think what happening now that you mention that. I have a add-on in my browser that deletes cookies when I close a page. I dont like being tracked across the internet. So when I come back it is not keeping track of where I left off.

That would totally do it. I have 3rd party cookies disabled, but 1st party enabled. I bet if you add this site as an exception to your cookie cleanser, everything will work fine.

As an alternative, if you click on this bar, you can at least scroll to the bottom fast:

thanks ill take the second option. white listing leaves cookies for the next page I visit to know Ive been here. I didn’t know how that worked for a long time until snowden, now i pay more attention, I doubt it helps anyway…lol

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