Any way to get more Gems?

Hi, I was wondering if there was any other way to get gems besides purchasing, accomplishing missions, and hoping for a drop?

Don’t everyone laugh at once, okay???

Sounds like you’ve covered most of the ways gems drop: Titan Loot, Wanted Chests (100 monsters, 40 players, 5 Titans), the occasional quest, and by watching the ad in your stronghold.

Generally as a free-to-play player I earn 500-600 gems per month, which I use ONLY for buying Epic Hero Summons or Elemental Summons. Gem costs in this game are absurdly high, and if you’re not going to pay money for gems, everything but summons is a waste of precious gems.


@Traevon I noticed the price for gems was really high, hence my question. I appreciate the tip for only using them for special summons. That makes sense, actually!!

Have a blessed day!!

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Another high-value use of gems is to accelerate Wanted chests to get elemental chests more quickly. The choice really depends on whether you need heroes or rare ascension materials more urgently.


Gems cost like a penny a piece so 300 for a summon is $3.00. About the cost of a 20 oz soda

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And gives you about a 2-3% chance of getting something you can’t farm from Training Camp 20. The issue is not that one summon is expensive. The issue is that, mathematically, you expect to have to do 40 of them to get something useful. That’s quite a lot more than one 20oz soda.


How do you earn that many gems per month?

500 gems per month is only 16 per day. If you factor in titan loot, the wanted mission chests, the mystic visions, and the gem quests, it’s actually not impossible to get there.


So true, didn’t think about it. I’ve only been playing a few days and so far collected 299 gems, but it seemed forever ( and hard work) to get them. I’m so desperate to get that extra 1 to make 300 so I can summon at the event (( or is it elemental) Summon, and crossing fingers to get Caedmon. This will be my first summon with gems. Now that isn’t too much to ask for is it ?


If you’ve only been playing for a few days, there are a great many heroes who will be able to help you out. Don’t get your heart set on any particular hero–the odds are so low that you’ll likely be disappointed. Just try to make the best of whoever you draw. Good luck!


3$ is 1 week Food and Drinks here, Also I can pay my entire electrical bill with 3$.


Thats :100: true, like it!

You’re so right, and following your advice. I got kashhrek and at first didn’t know how lucky I was to get him.


He’s a great hero to have. He’ll serve you well as a tank up through Platinum tier. I’m really glad you’re enjoying him.

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You are right Kashhrek is good to have as a tank. I’ve been in the receiving end of his wrath for quite awhile actually. Ironically Caedmon is a best hero to counter him.

Teach me your ways!!

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