Any Way To Bring Back The Positivity Players Used To Have?

Ha Denys, wonder if that douchebag is still around… god was he full of himself for a 16yo

Lol guess i missed that

What i dont miss is denys :rofl::rofl:

Man i feel like i was baited into that one… well played @FraVit93…well played


Agreed, haha trolled

Never knew him, but that sounds pretty normal for a 16 y/o TBH.

He was extra tho. My old pal Revelate would present data backed up by mathematical facts and Denys would blatantly say that Rev was wrong🤣.
Now idk, if that’s the new standard, but when I was 16, when someone rubbed the facts in my face, I couldn’t do anything but admit they’re right.


And even this we only know because @zephyr1 was kind enough to ask and keep us updated (1000 thanks). Was it really too much for them just make a statement on their own, and maybe even a bit earlier? Maybe already at the end of 2019, when it was clear that they won’t be able to realize what they announced in the sneak peak a year ago?

@Disposable pointed it out quite well, that it is not so much what they communicate but how they communicate, that many get the impression, they don’t care about the player base / community at all.

And I for myself am worried about that. That negative feelings towards SGG also caught me in the past days more and more and it has less to do with where they are going with the game but how they treat the community, how they (not) deal with feedback. I read in an AMA once that they read here every day… and I begin to ask myself why they do that at all. There are tons of ideas and feature requests, good ones and bad ones… and what’s their priority? Nerfing dupe costume XP… Well thanks, for finally fixing the game balance, it almost broke the game. That must be the QOL improvement you were talking about.


To be fair, they actually did do that, albeit not very well. This is from December 2019:


(And also, that was after we prodded them for an update. So your point about our knowledge as a community being a function of moderator action is true.)


Oops, I even read that sneak peak but must have forgotten. My bad. I take this back, but my overall point is still valid, as you said.


Dude you make great points… it’s all good. I don’t think sharing info is a bad thing at all though ( ex. Beta thread by Zeph). A good management team can share info but they have to manage the feedback. Your correct, too many players feel they have a “say” and influence - and it’s probably never been true. But, that’s where managing the “medium” - which would be these forumns would have to come in. Regulars on here can see which players “contribute” trying to help and they can also see the majority posting on here that have really “0” to actually contribute/say for the betterment of the whole. That being said… we are left with; what would actually help? I do think more consistent communication even if it’s a weekly “F no” would help


OR… They release it in 2020 but it will take the whole decade to upgrade the building and therefore the thread title wasn’t limited to this year only. But hey, in 2030 you will be able to transmute your dupe Joon into Margaret without gem cost :wink:

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Can anything be more useless than Alchemy? (and yes, I built it)


Academy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah- lol. They will regret asking that question in about 500 days🤪


A long course of study :rofl:

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Personally, I think SG could lessen the odds of you pulling a S1 hero in Valhalla and Atlantis and comparatively raise the odds of you receiving a S2 hero. I mean we as players could sit with unleveled S2 heroes just as easily as S1 but it would make the guy who doesn’t make many pulls a lot happier. Scrap the whole Academy thing and give us that instead- wouldn’t cost you anything to do that SG


Its all the little things that have all but dried up…Elemental chests Used to have a high chance of 4* mat…pretty much gone…same with all the other chests…so there is (at least for me) no reason to be a little excited about opening rhem up. I belong to a mid level alliance…just ranked 1000…and i am mostly the top hitter in wars and titans…yet now several months go by without a high mat given…used to be different…so those little thrills are gone too…why bother crafting things and trying to get big score if you dont get a reward at least once in awhile??..I dont expect much…
But it definitely has diminished the high mats given out
I almost only can get them every 10 days…(thank you) or BUY them now…its just those little things that are gone for the most part that dont provide incentive and a little side thrill to keep going…Love the game, fun people to play with…but dissappointing, and thats not why i play to be dissappointed…

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If you look at the Show me Your rewards thread you will see lots of people get 4* mats from chests… hang in there… your luck will change.
By the way, I am in a mid level alliance and track all mats drops from all sources… for me, no difference in elemental drops except for the variability you would expect in each 6 month period in the past 2.5 years. (Any shorter data doesn’t make a lot of sense) Sometimes that seems hard to believe but that is my experience at least. It levels out over time.
Would like to get them more often though!


This thread was a dumb idea.


Because they don’t care about the people. All they see our numbers and dollar signs. That’s it, period.

And ya know…I’m fine with that. What they think or do or whatever has never been what i enjoy about the game anyways.


Wrong again.

Way way wrong. Couldn’t be any more wrong.

Idk about you guys.

But i don’t hop on the forum to see what SG has to say.

I don’t check Line to see what SG has to say.

I don’t play the game cause i think SG would miss me if i didn’t.

What SG thinks, says, or does, are typically nothing more than discussion pieces to me.

SmallGiant doesn’t matter. And what SmallGiant says or thinks or feels or whatever about this playerbase, doesn’t matter either.

I can’t think of anything they’ve said that i could quote word for word. But ya know…there are plenty of line messages, forum posts, stuff said in youtube vids that have all been said by players that i could quote from memory as if they were from my favorite song or movie.

This thread put the focus on the wrong things in this game.

Game isn’t about what we can/can’t get devs to do or not do or tell us or not tell us.

Game is about havin fun with people we like, respect, and adding more people to that group as we go.

Sure we all have people we dont like or typically disagree with, that happens in any group of people but that still doesn’t suck as much fun and enjoyment out of this game as discussing some company does.

Idk. Guess the community and the game have been a big part of my day to day life over the past few years. And when I’m talkin to someone and they mention quitting and “sg won’t miss me” in the same discussion…it just really ticked me off. Idc if some company misses someone that quits the game. Idc what they think, period. What matters now are the players that miss the players, no more of the vents, the rants, debates, jokes, discussions, etc That’s the stuff I’ll miss and you’ll miss too.

All I’m sayin is focus on the relationships we have and the fun we have in the game and stop giving smallgiant more attention than they deserve.

Game has it’s flaws, but we deal with them together. We strategize. We figure stuff out. We adapt. Etc etc. Don’t need SG to help us with that. All we need them to do is fix bugs as needed and keep the servers going.

I’d like to close this thread and make it one less distraction from what’s actually important. That’s how positivity is brought back.

@zephyr1 @Guvnor @JonahTheBard @Rook @DaveCozy @littleKAF



It is always fun to look back at old posts


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