Any Way To Bring Back The Positivity Players Used To Have?

I know that Petri was an active player at one time. Not sure if that’s still the case. I agree though that if more staff were active players it would probably change the direction of the game a little.


Eh off topic as hell…(the post i originally wrote here was off topic so i deleted the text. Your post is good @Jordanmulsanne I’m just out of likes)

Sorry I had the impression the discussion was new. Just realized it was 2 months old lol. I saw you replied to it and thought the topic was recent.

All the staff I know play regularly


That’s awesome. At least I know we’re all speaking the same ‘language’. Sorry I’m not quite in the circle lol. Just some food for thought 'cause I do care about the game.

I actually responded to your original post. :slight_smile:

Just didn’t realize it was old.

Have a feeling the terms playing and regularly are both used pretty loosely here

Last i saw one of their accounts it was way way behind my main and that was a good while back. And i mean in player level, not heroes. Wanna say it was a lvl 24 or somethin and i was in the 60s…that doesn’t seem very regular to me…


Oh ok lol well idc hold the post is, it’s still as relevant today as it was then(imagine that :roll_eyes:) so still welcomed feedback


The game used to be full of variety, strategy, and range - FUN.

Now, its full of limitations, luck, and shortcomings - UNFUN.

I mean its all about which Red heroes I need to get and level to fight the single most widely used Hero - Telluria. Then hope for a predominantly red starting board to have a decent chance to win the match. Then deal with all the negativity amongst the alliance members that surround it, ultimately leading to them leaving.

So to answer the topic question…get us back to variety, strategy, and range.

I wanna run their Twitter for a week. Have a direct line to an SG employee, prepare a FAQ and answer every question people have and update them on everything. Twitter is amazing for that, but all I see from SG is announcing whenever another portal opens.


Any Way To Bring Back The Positivity Players Used To Have?

Fix the boards. Everyone complain about Tell being OP but that is just because he highlights the blatant manipulation.
I cup drop with my alts often and I’m often shocked how badly 4200TP+ teams struggle or can’t recover vs even 3200-3500TP teams. How can no tiles show up for so long? Apply that to war & RT when it matters vs teams often much stronger and you know why so may are negative. Three moves in you already know these days. No fighting back and manoeuvring can save you (99% of the time). The boards are so terrible in order to make you think you need to spend to get better. I saw a vid where they said only 15% should be skill, that was when the game was launched, now there is almost no skill left, just luck and emblems to survive. Boring and definitely not fun.

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Totally agree, Jonah… speechless


Positivity? What positivity? :thinking:

Back in the day man. This game was actually good. People were grinding, SG devs and the playerbase regularly spoke about the opportunities. Hell, you’d even see @Petri make an announcement in PS and within an hour, the entire community knew.
When you were on the leaderboard, you were actually there for an extended period of time, you were the sh*t if you had the ‘Fast Five’ and you could mock @Xero786 if you had Hel because he didn’t.
Things started to tone down around the time S2 started to get teased and imo, it has gone downhill from there. The p2w aspect of this game has attracted a toxic kind of player, ones that think they can just buy their way to the top. They’ve always been around, but they’ve grown exponentially over the last 2 years.


Seemed like s2 was the start of the downhill slope to me as well


At least they didn’t released Wilbur as better Black Knight :face_vomiting:

Hmm think i would use wilbur more than black knight so that’s debatable lol


Yo SG! So what’s up with Hero Academy?



Do you remember when Denys leaked him? He were like Brienne plus damage sharing instead of a taunting effect, proof that they were positive about to make S1 heroes such as Boldtusk as good as :poop:

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