Any Way To Bring Back The Positivity Players Used To Have?

We aren’t asking them to respond to every single thread, but a ton of complaints/issues are from the same topic and to not even get a general statement on those leaves players guessing.
They do not have to explain to me why they chose to go with format X or summon odd %, that’s just their business model and I’m not debating that.
But I’ve played other games and I still play other games where the devs of that particular game put out a monthly statement about what’s on the community’s mind and what they plan to do and what suggestions they have dismissed.


Yes as I stated minus events in my post was talking about monster chests raid chests and titan chest

I can’t tell if this is a serious post or a giant troll. This isn’t some random internet forum, ITS THE OFFICIAL GAME FORUM laid out by SGG, the developer of the game. Many other successful games with millions of players share information and design plans with their player base regularly and often answer commonly asked questions about their own game. See Path of Exile as one example.

Additionally, if you’re going to recruit players to help test out things in beta, it’s really just common courtesy to answer their questions so that they can tell if they’re wasting their time testing a certain feature, tell if it’s a bug or working as designed, or if it’s worth thinking about or discussing a certain non-game-mechanic feature (such as entry costs for weekly raid challenges). EDIT - not responding to people who are freely testing your beta and alpha code is just not appreciative of their time spent trying to make the game better.


That seems like a really excellent idea. +1


It’s all about communication. We dont have to agree with what they do, but as long as they are transparent on what they have planned for the near and far future, it’ll ease a lot of players minds.

Edit To give an example: stuff gets leaked out of Beta before many beta testers have even opened beta. This leads to a lot of speculation in the community. Let’s take the V20 rebalancing. What if SG would put out a statement for the whole community to see where they say:
‘We are currently testing hero X in Beta. We have changed/buffed/nerfed these stats/special skills, which hopefully helps this hero to fit better in the current meta of the game. These changes aren’t guaranteed, but we will try and do our best to make for a more balance hero selection!’


Playing in the Big Leagues

Having several friends become millionaires from buyouts ( I am not one ) and knowing several companies that spent time and energy preparing for a buyout that fell through. I am honestly surprised Devs we’re allowed by their legal department to communicate as much as they did during the process.

Since the buyer expected the game they expressed interest in buying, I was also surprised alliance war got pushed through before Season 2.

Devs went from a Finnish legal to a multi national legal. I expect multinational to be a bit more aggressive coughDisneycoughLucasFilmcough

For the next 3 years, the buyout is not finished, I expect lots of fumbles as Devs and their new legal department ( the old probably got released) work out what and where their vision and communication bumps up against legal’s playbook.

Feeding Trolls

We have already seen Empires attract several classic scams based on large number of players.

These scammers tend to follow the trolls.

I have been very impressed with forum software and the amazing job done by the unpaid mods.


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Great idea! Impossible to respond to even a fraction of individual posts, this would be an excellent addition, along the lines of the updated version notes we see but on a little more predictable interval and personalized to players concerns/complaints/requests.

It’s a serious post.

Indeed. However I was never led to believe that by coming here I would be able to communicate directly with the devs or that they would respond to me. This is a forum for E&P players, is it not?

That’s a good thing, I would say, and something SG ought to consider (see @TheChef’s suggestion, above). This forum need not necessarily be part of that process, though it could be.

I agree entirely, but that’s an issue for beta testers, not for the general player base or even most forum users.


I’m not expecting the staff to respond directly to my posts.

However, with the popularity of the game, comparing to other similar games with player bases 7 figures or greater, the communication from the staff to the player base about general game plans is quite low. In most of the other RPG type stuff I’ve seen, when a large number of questions/complaints are seen on a given topic, the developer does indeed respond in some manner, recognizing that these people are the paying customers (one way or another). They are not required to do so, but most do since “easing people’s minds” as Chef put it allows players to get more invested in a game (in both time and money).


I have been playing for about 9 months and I think the game is great.

The forum is full of whining, which isn’t surprising,
I love the grind.
I love that you can’t buy yourself success, just the oppurtunity for success.
I love that the odds are published, so I can decide on taking the chance.
I love that I can’t get wiped out if I forget a shield
I love the alliance format
I love recruiting on the general chat.

Could I get bored one day.
Farming is boring but I have lots of tokens
I am getting stronger so the quests are getting easy
I don’t have all the good heroes, yet, but if I did then the odds of good heroes become very small

What I would like to see are the ideas that S&G are thinking about for next year. We just have this year’s list.

I am really hopeful that my aiger become all powerful in v 20.


As far as the beta part, i do feel like it indirectly effects the rest of us. The ignored feedback in beta could have prevented some of the problems we had after release of certain heros and features, i wont go into details here to avoid derailing the thread though.


I would honestly like some more details on the 2019 features such as the new buildings before I even start thinking of what’s to come in 2020.


Yes, this seems like it would be a smart thing for SG to do - perhaps via some sort of monthly statement like Chef described above. Increasing engagement via the forum, however, seems more problematic for the reasons I noted.

Maybe, maybe not. It’s possible feedback from beta was not ignored, but was thoughtfully considered and then rejected outright. If this is the case, maybe it’s better not to be told that the devs have decided you are wrong. We can’t really assess this without knowing what SG were thinking and how they made their decisions, but it might be that appearing to just ignore beta feedback was the way they could keep the broader player base the most happy.

On its face that seems like a mean way to treat your beta testers, btw. I just can’t tell if it has affected me positively or negatively.


Yes, that is part of the issue. The core match 3 for everything. It would be more interesting if they had different mechanics for farming vs raids vs titans etc. But because you use the same mechanics you use for grinding for everything, everything starts to feel like a chore. Big mistake in my mind.

Also - some of the addition you mention are not all positives.

If they want to increase / rekindle interest - add variety in game play, give more places where you can feel like you are actually growing and getting better (adding buildings is a good example - as town building is an aspect some people like), separate how you grind from the fun stuff somehow.


I didn’t say increased engagement in the forum. I said more and better communication. Monthly statements like Chef mentioned are a good example. Forum or other webpage or facebook announcements are another. Responses to months of the similar complaints is another.

As for the beta part, it’s not whatever voodoo algorithm they make decisions on in staff meetings, it’s the actual lack of information that makes the testing harder and/or more vague and time consuming than it needs to be. For each beta period, a simple outline what you want the beta testers to test and what feedback you want from them as well 5-10 minutes a day from a staff member to respond during the 5-10 days each beta session runs would save TONS of time with the testers AND give more streamlined and better feedback. This is beta 101 from companies that have well-run beta software programs. Instead we get a list of “what’s new” and a forum post to “post all feedback” with no response to basic questions like “is X behavior intended or a bug?”


I had no idea they didn’t even talk to beta testers. That is, as you said, really disrespectful. Those people are helping you, for free, to develop your product. Have some respect.

Am I the only one that thinks this AMA is going to be a complete letdown? It doesn’t even appear as though it’s going to happen live, I don’t believe for a second that they are going to provide satisfactory answers to anything this community truly wants to know.


Then we agree with each other, so you have no need to worry that I might have posted “a giant troll”. :wink:

I’m sure all your complaints about beta testing are perfectly valid. You’re not the first person I’ve heard expressing them and it’s bad form if SG doesn’t manage the testing process properly.

But it seems unlikely to me that the mismanagement of beta testing is the root cause of any drop off in forum positivity. Perhaps it is a serious contributing factor for beta testers.


It is and it’s also part of why I left the Beta program. But the lack of communication there is just a small part of the bigger issue they have with communication.


(Thanks. And the question about what level Titans you are facing? I ask because it seemed that I started getting a better drop rate for ascension materials at 9* titans and up.) :slight_smile:


I think the drop-off in positivity may be just an indirect result from the fact that this game has been around a long time now…what used to be a cause for excitement when we first started playing has now become commonplace and boring, or disappointing at times.

When you reach a certain level, with several maxed heroes, there seems to be not much in the way of goals to progress……

I think the new content may help, and adding some more features for interaction within the alliances themselves may be beneficial…such as the suggested PVP content for fun and practice between alliance members might really be a good thing, since over and over veteran players have commented that one of the things that has kept them hanging on is their friends and teammates, and being part of a group that they enjoy.


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