Any way to bring back the positivity players used to have?


I have not found this to be the case. I have spent £5.98 in total, and have never found that the game has demanded more. But even if the game does demand “more and more money” the more you play it, hasn’t that always been the case? Nothing has changed in that respect, that might lead to a drop in forum positivity, has it?

Again though - has this changed in any way since a year ago? Based on the comments I read back then, I don’t think it has. So do you think this is responsible for a trend towards a lack of positivity in the forum, since then? How?

This is an oft repeated complaint. While it’s not true for me, it certainly seems to be true for a lot of people. However, this is nothing new - the forum was full of people saying this a year ago, so it can’t be responsible for a change in forum tone, can it?

There might be some truth here. I honestly can’t see how introducing new heroes could be seen as indicating that SG has “forgot[ten] about the f2p players”, but I do see that the possibility of raid challenges being pay 2 play might have that effect.

But the idea that raid challenges might be pay to play is just that - an idea. It just came to light a week or two ago and it’s not out of beta yet. So I don’t think that can be entirely responsible for a general trend towards more negativity in the forum - the issue is too new.

It might be one of many issues that are symptomatic of poor communication, however, which was part of @Rigs’ original thesis. Maybe it’s one of many issues that have piled up over time and have not been addressed by SG. Maybe several things like that have festered with forum participants leading to cynicism and suspicion and negativity.

Or maybe not. I don’t really know.


I think this thesis is important. Lack of communication between supplier and customer is never good. Communication takes work—on both sides—but the lead clearly has to be SGG’s.

Long ago I was a developer for a early online role-playing game. The paid staff was not very different in size from Small Giants staff, albeit many of us were part-time and there were fewer full-time employees. Nonetheless, we had a full website filled with information about how to play the game; we had an active news section. Developers and creative staff posted fairly frequently on the boards, outlining our future plans 9after those plans had been approved) and discussing the current releases. None of that is echoed by Small Giant’s communication approach.

This topic is on the top of my list for next week’s AMA.


The people leaking the info are beta testers and yes, they are influential to a degree, that’s the entire point of the testing program. They have no say in future ideas for features or heroes (or at least no more than anyone else who uses this forum and the ideas section) but they are there to provide feedback on features currently in production. However, they are just players, and the beta application is open to anyone so there shouldn’t be any feelings of favouritism, at least not resentful feelings from players who never applied for the program.
Also, as far as any of us know, everything that is in beta currently or expected to be soon, was given in advance by the creators in their end of year “sneak peak” thread months ago. Just more day-to-day communication would be nice, and if issues arise, whether real or not, more of a reply than the usual “no everything is fine” (the current mana generation discussion going on in another thread, for instance) would go a long way.

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The problem with the new heroes is that they aren’t available in tc20. You can get them through sunmons. And yes you can add up some gems and atlantis coins, but at 3-4% chances to get a 5* i think you you need money for those new heroes. Don’t get me wrong. I am not criticizing SG. We are all here by choice. It was just a personal opinion about how i feel about the game at this point. I think people feel frustration because all the grind we put into developing our base isn’t quite worth It. It took me 6-7 months to reach tc 20. Now i have four and still i rely on summons for better heroes. As i said, this is just a personal opinion. I still enjoy the game and i will keep playing, i just feel it need a little balance :slight_smile:


I haven’t spend anything on the game and I don’t know if my opinion counts, but there is something that has been irritating me since the start. In raids, I think the mana of the heroes you attack regenerates too quickly. I use a rainbow team of 4* with around 3 300 power and most of the time I get paired with 5* heroes that fill their mana quickly and kill me with their more powerful specials. I don’t care about trophies or leaderboards, just filling the chest. Though lately, I’ve had more luck since I now use both Kiril and Melendor and with two healers it’s more manageable.

Also in wars, it would be pretty cool if after an enemy is defeated their next line up is not the same. Like you can’t use 1 hero twice in an attack. I think it should be the same for defence. I have 4 teams of 3* stars with around 2 400 power and these get slaughtered in the later stage of war when only teams with 3 000+ power remain.

So yeah, my two suggestions are:

  1. No super fast mana in raids
  2. Different defence teams in wars

BTW I’m curious what do people think of the arrows/ healing in wars? Yesterday I got pretty mad with the healing one- three 3* heroes couldn’t do enough damage to a single 5* who just kept endlessly regenerating health.


If the new heroes were different, but not a half-notch better, than TC20 heroes, then I wouldn’t have a problem with them being behind a paywall (effectively). But that’s not what top teams run, because nearly all of the top heroes are non-Classic.

Here was my alliance’s defense recently:

Which Classic heroes did we use?
Sartana: 15
Lianna: 3
Magni: 3
Marjana: 2
Justice: 1 (and only because we use yellow tanks)

So five of the twenty TC20 legendaries are represented, and only Sartana often (50% of the teams). The others are on 10% or fewer of the defenses. In fairness, Joon is under-represented in this sample because we use yellow tanks, and he’s low on the list of good yellow tanks. Still, that’s just 16% of the used defensive heroes that are Classic, although they represent about one-third of the available 5* heroes and are the most readily available ones.

How does this tie back to the trend towards negativity?

A year ago a (notional) similar screenshot would show a different picture. Sure, we’d have seen a lot of Alberichs, Ares, and Athenas in a top alliance, but day-to-day raiding was mostly my Tc20 heroes versus yours; the event/HotM heroes were icing on the Classic cake. Today, though, if you’re not running the elite of the special heroes, it’s easy to feel left behind.

I’m not sure how to fix this, though.

Yoricks Memes by request of Coppersky

Of course your opinion definitely counts as much as anyone else here, but as mentioned above we are trying to keep to the topic of the the forum itself and the relationship between players and staff, rather than in-game grievances.
Here are a couple of threads that might interest you though


I agree. That’s way i think the game needs some balance. The old heroes need a buff. Something to make them able to compete with atlantis heroes and hotm. I’m tired of seeing guin tanks :smile:


Considering what the v20 heroes balancing is it going right now, it won’t happen.

I just hope the old hotm and atlantis heroes will be added to tc20+ at some points, but that hope is becoming smaller every update they releasing

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I was hoping for that too. I keep dreaming that at the end of atlantis all the heroes will be added to tc 20. Chances are slim to none probably :frowning:


I think wars would be fairer if when a defence team is beaten that team is gone forever and it respawns a second defence team. We use 6 attack teams but only have one defence team. Another option would be field layouts. You have to hit the front line to get to the second line. So you can put strongest teams in alliance on front line and only hit the person behind if you take out the one in front first. This means to get to the weakest in the alliance you have to go through the strongest and before respawn. Makes strategy and timing more interesting than it is now.
Just my three pence worth

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I have never seen a forum set-up with no community coordinator/manager that is employed by the Developer. I have never seen forum moderators do so much leg work for a company that apparently doesn’t speak to them.
I have never seen outages as frequent or as long as the ones that occur here that the developer doesn’t directly respond to.
I have never seen a player base stand to be neglected this much.
My account is only 2 months old. I am a “money player” in every game I play/played.
I bought the starter pack and won’t be spending any more. Reading around in here tells me all I need to know.


This makes me happy. I understand the format may limit discussion, but it would be nice - if SG does not plan to improve their communication in some way - to hear exactly what their rationale is for keeping matters as they are. Maybe they don’t believe there is a problem, or maybe they think that increasing engagement would have a negative effect. Whatever their answer, I’d like to be able to understand their thinking.


Your opinion counts just as much as anyone else and it’s great that you are sharing it here. This thread, however, is pretty specifically targeted at the reasons players have become a bit less positive in the forum in recent times. The feedback you have provided is more general commentary on the game.

If you do a bit of a forum search you’ll find discussions both of defence mana charge rates, and also of suggested improvements to wars, including field aid and those cute little arrows. I feel like your input might fit quite well with those conversations.

Edit: Sorry - @MantisToboggan already said exactly this. My fault for not reading all new posts before replying.


My bad. I thought if people win more often they would be more positive. Missed the part about the forum and the relationship between devs and players. Though I have to say this community is surprisingly civil and mature. I’ve played quite a bit of online shooters and the amount of toxicity in games life Battlefield is quite high.

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Thank you

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For me losing some positivity is from rewards vs. Money spent. I get it it’s my choice to spend and I am not arguing that. I did go back and see that I have spent $1500.00 on this game. I should have every hero at that price. Again its was my choice to spend so going forward I will not spend anymore money on this game as it is so unfair on pulls. I do like the game and will play in war and titans but have no desire to try and do anything else in the game. I should thank SG though. Since I’ve quit playing so much I have time to play other games that reward you.


Amen to that! :hugs:
I share this sentiment wholeheartedly :+1:

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Excellent choice!
It is a good idea to listen to those who quit this game, in order to rid themselves of a constant source of annoyance. Real Life can be annoying enough, you do not need annoyance in a game. Games should be played for fun. And not as a source of constant annoyance.

As to the positivity that players used to have:
To my mind, it was nibbled away, piece for piece, by the constant annoyance.

When you start in the game, every new hero you get, every new hero you level up, brings you noticeable progress.
You get bigger, you get stronger, you make progress - and you enjoy that. Of course you do. The game is set up like that.

Project " 2 heroes of each color for the titan, plus Wu Kong" successfully concluded in January of last year - yeah! progress! All the work paid off. Great! Woohoo!

Then Wu Kong starts to miss a lot more than he did … hm…

You start out as an itty bitty player, working hard, making progress, gazing in amazement at those “gods” up there on the Olymp of the leaderboard, on thrones that look like pure gold.

Yeah. Until after, like, 18 months of hard work, endless grinding and, yes, some expenditure, you yourself become one of these “gods”.

At first, you are pleased.
You can raid with those “gods”, you can talk with them, you can exchange videos of raid victories and invite them to a German beer (in my case) at your keep. Those “gods” are all very nice and friendly, and you have a ball raiding with them. Great!

But then, the game itself is no less annoying than it was when you were an itty bitty player. With the added endless grind, endless farming on autoplay, bad boards left and right.

As my (former) alliance leader used to say:
The game decides whether you win or lose.

That is a fact.
And your best heroes, all your practise and experience, will not change this fact. Period.

And then you realize that the “gold” you have seen up there on the Olymp is fools gold.

All that time, effort and money spent for that? For a lump of fools gold?

Naaaw. Time to throw that lump of fools gold away. Time to turn around and leave.

As several end game players have done in recent times. This game offers nothing for end game players. Except for more grind, more chores.

No thank you.

For anybody missing the positivity, the cheerfulness, at the current time, take a look at the great thread by Avicious in summer of last year “Is the game headed for Pay to Win?”

The thread is long. Very long.
Many players expressed their honest opinion about the game. About what they do not enjoy. About what they find annoying.

Has anything been done?

Think about it.
And then you will find out what has happened to the positivity. It has been nibbled away. Piece by piece.

Maybe, just maybe, this upcoming Q&A session will be a start to turn things around.

I honestly wish it, for the benefit of those who are still in the game.


Although there are some valid points here, I am disappointed that you have put them all in a thread about increasing positivity when you yourself have left the game.
All games have a life depending on the individual. As someone here for 21+ months there is still enough in this game, and my role in the alliance to keep on.
There are many good people of good intent in the community working to improve things… I would not want newer players to become discouraged by some of the comments in this thread. Find a helpful, friendly alliance, with members who give sensible, practical advice to newbies and you will have a great time