Any truth to my thought about Atlantis?

It seems like I get more coins through loot tickets than through actual play.

That’s something we used to notice in beta too, and that’s why i never use loot tickets during the month and save up all for Atlantis raising.

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It might seem like it but I can’t possibly imagine why they would waste their time doing something like that. I’d suggest it feels that way because you’re just going faster by virtue of the loot tix.


loot is increased by 50% during Atlantis rises, if you are noticing this during that time it would explain the increase in dropped coins.

Coins are dropped only during Atlantis rises


i get coins every time i complete a S2 map. I get more during Atlantis Rises, especially with the inclusion of the sea horse. Just played a hard map, got the regular 5 coins for completing the map then an additional 10 from the sea horse.

Must be the fact you have been slacking off and never finished your Season 2 map! (speaking to myself btw)

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Opposite experience. No coins with loot tickets, ever I think. I hit an 18 coin (5 for hard completion) board the other day. Those sea dragons kept coming.

I’ve more noticed that if I play a bunch of boards in a row I stop seeing them, but if I use world energy and wait 6 hours to play again, I feel I see them more often. Probably nothing but rng, but interesting pattern.

Clearing 3-4 provinces and see the yellow seahorse once only. But using loot tickets, I got 2. As i spend most of my WE to clear provinces, it’s definitely lower rate

4 sets of Atlantis coins from 6 loot tickets! Must be true!

Absolutely nothing from 7 tickets. Utter nonsense!

Rare events and RNG. As always.

(Before someone asks, yes, same level: 9-4N. Also before someone asks: the gems and summon token in the second image are because I leveled up.)


You have solved the mystery! :smile:

The “completion coins” are unchanged during AR, but the Sea Horses augment them. And Sea Horses appear more commonly on the higher levels, so if you’re working the upper end of the map these days, you’re going to be seeing coins more often than those of us farming the heck out of 2:1-2 to maximize our backpack gain.

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Moments after I typed my comment above, my monster chest opened. Back to back 15 coins (10 from sea horses, 5 from completion). Used a WE flask and only saw one or two more.

Didn’t know about higher chance at higher levels. That totally makes sense because I’m around level 20 hard first time through.

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