Any Titan droppers here?

Just as cup dropping has its advantages, I’m starting to look at dropping Titan the same way.

The lower your Titan score is, the lower your alliance score is for Alliace Wars ( yes I know there’s almost zero reward for AW, but I enjoy them immensely).

Why bother hitting a Titan religiously when you’re getting next to no rewards from it?

Do you know of an alliance that drops Titans for Alliance Wars? I’d like to join it!

Alliance score is not being used to match alliances for war. So ‘dropping’ titans would be useless.


Really? I’ve seen players complain about that from time to time on the forum but don’t know if it is true.

I thought matching alliances for war was something like something like raids where they match scores as they match cups (+/-300).

I guess I’ll find out Saturday. I just joined a ghost alliance with a really low Titans score.

The current known information is that they pair alliances by looking at all the top 30 heroes of all the players that opt into alliance wars while placing special emphasis on the top 5 heroes.


… also, fighting high star titans has to be one of the best source of non farmable 3* ascension items. That’s something I wouldn’t give up.

And @321Trotter - in which way do you immensely enjoy AW? Steamrolling a weaker team…? ;D

Per the Alliance Wars Change Log (FAQ):

I’ve been playing for well over a year and Im pretty sure Titans have been my best source of non farmable AMs. And today was a good day as I just got an orb and trap tools from my loot :slight_smile: It may not of always been my best source, but certainly has been since I’ve been consistently in loot tier IX or higher. Not to mention titan fights are my favorite part of the game.

Umm, really? Titans have been the staple of my rare ascension materials diet. Bigger Titan, better loot on average over time. Sure, most days you get crap, but often enough something good falls.

Alliance leaders should absolutely call passes on titans. Few alliances can manage a continuous flow of 12* titans, but that’s where you’ll end up if you don’t pass on a Titan from time to time. But don’t let this lull your alliance into laziness: bigger titans = better loot (on average, over time). In particular be mindful of the breakpoint at Loot Tier IX: below this tier, you get two ascension mats. At IX you get three. This is a big shift in rare loot odds, so you really want your alliance to be hitting 9* titans regularly if possible.

I like to steamroll stronger teams; I no longer feel the need to ascend :smile:
yeah I’m a thug; there’s something for everybody here at E&P.

Well, if you like steamrolling stronger teams - then a ghost alliance isn’t going to do it for you, I think. Better to join an active alliance that takes wars seriously. But good luck however you go.

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