Any Tips for the Gorgon Queen Titan?

Anyone have any tips on what heros work best or items you use to fight the Gorgon Queen Titan?

TL:DR red heroes and bear/dragon banners

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It depends on what heroes you have available. I would recommend three Red heroes. Azlar and Elena do great tile damage against Green titans. Boldtusk, Lancelot and Colen also have great tile damage, but Boldtusk also boosts attack. You can use Gormek for armor removal/Defense dropping. Gormek, Boldtusk and any one of the rest of the mentioned along with Wu Kong and another hard hitting or high tile damage hero of a non-blue color should help.


Below is what I use and I’ve gotten great results but it depends on what heroes you have available. I’ve got Boldtusk for a heal and attack buff (this can overwrite Gorgon’s attack debuff special), Nat for high tile damage and Mana control, Gormek for armor reduce, Scarlett has high tile damage and a useful attack debuff to help you survive, and Wukong to really boost your numbers. Running 4 of a color is a little risky on a bad board and I would only do it if you have your reds maxed or close to maxed. Otherwise stick with 2-3 red and fill in with other damage stacking heroes. For items, bring bear banner or antidote to counter the Gorgon’s special.


Here are my heros…I guess that’s why I’m having a tough time with her. My Red heros aren’t strong enough yet

What star titan is it?

BT and gormek should be good. I don’t think Scarlett would get one shot until after 8* Titans. I use 60s on my blue team and that’s 8* & 9* Titans.

Btw, level Wu asap.

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We got her for Level 8 Titan hardest one I think!

Thanks for the help! I just got another blade so I can start to finish off Gormek.

What would your advice be for my Purple? I have enough items to fully level Oba and leave Tib at 3-60 or I could fully level Tib and take Oba to 3-70. I hesitate on spending the ascension items on Tib as I already have Grimm and Gormek with the same special.

I’d go for Tib personally. Obakun isn’t exceptional as 5* heroes go, and Tib at 4/70 is more versatile than Oba at 3/70, in my personal experience. I could ascend Obakun to the final tier, but am saving my tabards for better prospects.
Having multiple heroes with the same special but different colors is great for building an optimal team for a particular task - I only recently got Gormek, and have been cursing being stuck using Tib on green titans instead of the similar red hero. Ramming Pulveriser is a very good tool for titans, and having the strong color makes it better.

My first thought would be to recommend ascending Tiburtus. He’s a solid hero and reduces the defense of three targets. He hits pretty hard too. He’s a valuable addition to your team. Failing that, I would recommend Ascending Tiburtus. He’s really an intergal part of your titan teams, raid teams, AW teams…

You could also consider ascending Tiburtus. He’s got a cool hair cut and mixes well at parties. Lowers potential dates defenses and makes them pliable to your charms.


Tiburtus. You’ll love him on yellow titans and he’s great on events too. Without a doubt him.