Any tips for the challenge event? (Intermediate)


I was really looking forward the event this time around thinking it’s my chance to get somewhere (I don’t have any green heroes so an event void of blue monsters felt like the one for me). It was going okay, but then I looked at the leaderboards and saw the top score is 736k. Bye bye sweet Panther avatar lol. I really wanted that :rofl:

Well, swaggy stuff aside, just out of curiosity I looked at my scores and how the boards went. Given really nice boards I think could get 700k (judging by my scores last event and team’s improvement). With all flasks used and perhaps a gem energy recharge or two, that sounds doable.

Maybe with some really bitchin’ boards I’d reach 705k. But more? Not seeing where or how. I don’t think I can improve my early level scores any, because they were near “perfect”. Fast diamonds, bosses burst down in seconds, none of their skills going off, no damage taken etc. Unless, of course, I’m doing something wrong.

I feel like I’m missing something vital in the strategies of the event :face_with_monocle:. I can’t imagine a Falcon’s debuff will make every stage go THAT much faster.

On top of that, seeing how the same person is also on the top of Beginner where there is no Falcon or similar heroes makes me think I’m really just missing some obvious factor in plan and I’m really curious what that is :scream_cat: Anyone have any ideas?

Initially I thought it could be just luck of the boards, but nobody can be just lucky enough to get THE most amazing boards in all levels of all 3 stages in one day :rofl: In a month of trying, maybe!


Absolutely agree. Which is why the 99.99% of us pkaying will never receive any real rewards. Those who found a way to gain the system will always win the rewards. Abzolutely frustrating. That’s why the Winter Event reward setup was a stellar improvement. It still proved a chalkenge in the final 5 levels to an internediate player like me with a team power of 3254.


Scoring doesn’t really make sense to me either. Big combo’s seem to matter more than time though, but even then, I sometimes think I have done great, but then get a very bad score. No idea, but I don’t think the top players have either.
I do compare scores with others I know in the top 100 (currently I am only in top 100 for advanced), that way you know which levels you should be able to improve on.


Was thinking exactly the same thing.
On first i was thinking that most depend on luck, but no one have so much luck.

Now i kind of thing there is some sort of “pattern” in the board, or some people is capable to recognize some boards and do particulary moves.


I don’t think I know anyone playing in the Intermediate to compare my scores to :frowning: The only comparison I have is my own scores from last month. It’s helpful and I will post my scores again from this time after the event is over too. Maybe it will help someone next month as well.

But that still doesn’t tell me anything about how to reach so high or what matters the most.


Yeah the winter event was great since everyone can get the rewards instead of these challenges wheee 1 person month after ma nth gets all the rewards and the rest of us get to fight for daily summon tokens…like an idiot I wasted a bunch of resources trying to get up in the boards and won’t…I still have no real idea how scoring is done. Lesson learned for next month, screw going for the top, just get completion stuff and move on…waste of flags and resources to do more


What I say may be unpopular, and I may be biased by my background as a geneticist. Nevertheless, let’s suppose that we have 1000 people playing with the same set of heroes, troops and equipment in all three levels of the current challenge. All 1000 have been playing the game for six months and have similar knowledge of the game.

My guess is that if we looked at the top 20 from each level, there would be a significant overlap between the three leaderboards.

As referenced earlier, there is some ability that plays into the score. It could be an increased reaction speed, which may allow an extra move every third or fourth game. It is very likely that some people have the ability to see two or three moves ahead in a very fast time frame, so that they will generate more gems and combinations. Some are less prone to errors than others.

I am in the beta program and have done titan bashing with a couple of the top players, trying new heroes. I do very well in my alliance, but I am no match for these players even when I have similar heroes. They score between 20-50% higher than I do per session.

If you pair a person with great ability with potent heroes, you get someone in the top 10 in all challenge levels.


It’s just a feeling, but i do some tests and that’s what i “sense”.
It’s like the game “reward” you with good boards when you find the most powerful team (among your heroes) for that stage.
That means for me, that you need (like in beginner) 2 maxed heroes (sometimes maybe 3) of each color if you wanna hope to win intermediate. And not any heroes, but the “right” heroes.

So, if you add good boards, best heroes for each stage and are indeed good players… the results is an overwhelming difference.

So much work to do ;_;


Time and HP matters most.


for some people finding the event frustrating, I’ll share some general tips for placing well (e.g. top50 or better). Nothing earth shattering here.

for intermediate and advanced, if you start a stage and the board is crap, they just flee (or play the board with using zero items). No sense wasting items on a bad start. It’s not unusual to use 10-15 world energy flasks.

You’re also prob bringing 5 bombs, 5 dragon attacks as well.

For any of them, you’re using defense reducers just like titan (athena, grimm/tibs/gormek, falcon/jackal) and in combinations. Also, Wu Kong. Often all together. Look at the team Zero used on last stage of intermediate (currently showing in leaderboard) - Grimm, Tibs, BT, WU Kong Falcon.

For advanced, the top people farmed a lot or tornados and time stops. For any top scores on a stage, for the boss wave, if the bosses even get to make one move, you won’t get a top score. the last wave involves: unload previously charged specials, 2x tornados, time stop, unload, attack/tornado, time stop if need be, dead bosses, 0 boss moves.

It’s not magic, just a thorough understanding of all the game mechanics, all the battle items, and how to work them together. And a crap ton of attempts via world energy flasks.


Here’s links to previous threads on this and related topics:


I wanted to post my scores for anyone’s future reference, but it would appear I cannot view them after the event is over. Sorry :scream_cat: Last level was 108k, first 47k, if it helps any.

Not that I’m happy with them. #13 is a salt-filled spot to hold. Too close to top 10 to enjoy it.

Either way, I think this was the last event for me when I tried to compete more. From now on it’s top 1000 and chill. Top 50 in intermediate gives jack ■■■■, too. Not worth getting there whatsoever.

Knowing I just had to get one amazing board in one stage and trying for two days only to open yet another multicolor scramble with 2 moves available (or a false-hope diamond followed by absolutely nothing good) is just a little too disheartening for me :no_mouth:

I also used too many items. I blame optimism. “I can make something out of this board yet, I need but to give it a chance!”

If a board looks like garbage, plays like garbage, and feels like garbage, take my advice and accept the fact that is garbage and by the time it gets better it will be too slow anyway :rofl: Be smarter than that.

Good luck to all of you in the following events. I need to lick my wounds and retire in a calm and quiet place.
:cry: :cry: :cry:


This has to do with advanced more than intermediate, but there is something quite interesting about the scoring this time.

I got almost exactly 800K and finished 31st (under Epigenetic name). I spent less time than the previous event but I used a lot more items - 20 tornadoes, 36 super manas to save time, etc. I thought that I completed everything quite quickly. I could see that some people with stronger teams could score 50K more because they would finish the board more efficiently and heal better at the end (yes, I ignored my own challenge tips advice)

There is a reasonably even distribution of scores above me until the very top. However, there is a massive gap between the #7 score (934K) and the #8 score (870K). To put it in perspective, 64K is the difference between the #100 score and the #22 score. This means that the top 7 are using some sort of technique that the others of us have not figured out. They may be doing something to finish under some threshold of time, or doing something to kill things really quickly, but it would be quite interesting to figure it out…fat chance of that :slight_smile:


I wonder if it’s not possible that they simply use more refills and roll each stage board until a good one appears and simply not use items on any attempt that does not WOW them.

I kind of don’t think this game has mechanics so complex that it would allow for secret techniques. The random factor is just too strong.