Any superstition habits during Pulls?

i only summon when i’m in the bathroom because i know there’s :poop: coming


Though it is more expensive, I do single pulls only since after analysis I get better results with 10 singles rather than one 10 pull. However, next time S3 comes up I’ll try the Censure method cause I’m curious and only heard about it recently.

If 100 players try this censure method, maybe 10 will have success (didn’t do the math, if what I guess is right), 6 of those with success will report it.
Of that 90 who fail, guess how many will report that, maybe 10?
Now you will get the mindset that it works 6 out of 16 times (37/100), but truth is still 1 out of 10 times (10/100).
Especially the ones where it works several times in a row will report it. But RNG makes it work for someone several times in a row. But those where it does not work do not report it and stay quiet.
Look at how many people report superior pulls on a single draw. They are happy and proud of their luck and want to share it. The ones who fail will never leave a word anywhere.


Whether I’m doing a single-pull or a 10-pull, if I’m paying gems to do pulls, I always let them happen at the natural speed - I never click to speed it up. :slight_smile: For any free pulls, I’ll just click to get them over with faster.

That’s about the only thing I do that I’m aware of, at least.

Good gaming!

I will pull in the very first minute an event starts/new HOTM appears, or the very last minute of an event. Can’t say it works every time, but I’ve had some nice luck with it (Seshat, Vanda, Guardian Panther).

I also genuinely think Vanda is my lucky avatar.

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There you go @Quinn3

And anyone else interested this is the “Censures Summoning Method”


I only do pulls at an exact specific time of the day…am or pm…but i always do any pulls with the same numbers on the clock…works for me pretty well lol.

Do you have a couple of hours? :rofl:

I have tried several different methods, and have completely given up on any of them being reliable.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way for me to get good pulls is by going through a very very long streak of bad pulls, to the point where I no longer even care what I pull anymore.

That’s usually when I get a good pull.


You mean get your expectations so low that you welcome another Dawa? :grinning:


This works 100% or Renfeld or Prisca.

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Dawas (2)


I find that if I do a final ascension on a 5* then do a pull I have good luck. Almost like the game taunting me.

But it has to be a 2nd tier 5*. I ascended Elkanen, and bang, my next TC20 was Lianna.

Well, I spend about 10 free tokens before summon in any portal, isn’t a exactly science, but I already gained some awesome heroes doing this, today I gained a Ratatoskr and Mist

I like to center and look at the hero I want. Almost like prayer…

Yeah but I’m not about to hive it to you to try

I pull whenever i feel sad, because whatever happen, i know i won’t sad anymore…

Its either happy or angry… no more sad


That is what I do!

Actually, I usually make a game of it. My girlfriend and I try to guess which S1 3* we’re going to get every time we do a summon.

“I’m feeling a Kailani today.”

“Nah, I think you’re going to get Friar Tuck.”

“Friar? What makes you think that?”

“I pulled a Friar earlier.”

“Oh, right. Well, let’s see…
Wow! We were both wrong. I got a Graymane.”

“Lucky you!”

“I know! I’m excited.” :grin:


Check the wind direction. You ideally want a South-Westerly

Then check the phase of the moon. Waxing Gibbous is where you want to be.

Time of the day is important as well - 13.37 is the magic time zone.

Now you are in the summon zone so use 3 silver tokens and you want a red-green-yellow combo. Doesn’t matter what they are. Colour is the key here and anything but RGY is a no go. The window isn’t open.

But if it is you can now throw a 10 summon in with the knowledge that you have a 1.3% chance at getting a 5* hero.


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