Any superstition habits during Pulls?

Hi folks,

I am curious about your habits during a Hero pull.
Do you make any special moves or any special time of the day when you make it? E.G. You wear a lucky hat or tap 3 times on a special point onto your device? I am just interested in, no advice needed as like as the magic Censures’ summoning method.

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I use this method. I don’t really believe in it, but I use it anyway.
When I do single pulls I also don’t t look at my phone, when a hero is summoned. I don’t want to look at a screen for a couple of second, waiting and hoping for a good hero and then see Friar Tuck. :grin:


I just do not look at it while it is happening.

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Our most loved hero tuck :rofl:

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I know it has 0 relevance but i feel that i have to let the game set in english. Same thing for the avatar. I shouldnt be changing it all the time.

Lucky avarar ever to me = Roc avatar or Jack one

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I generally only pull when I am getting good boards. Lucky RNG and all that. Rarely works.

I also generally scroll through the heroes to the one I really want. That one never works.


I sometimes check daily pulls first whether rng is good, now started doing sngle/double pulls every few hours
I know this is all nonsense but can’t help it haha

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What I do is abandon any hope.

Pain is smaller.


And every time I get a 3 * hero or a 3 * squad on the daily call for iron tokens, I’m going to run for a lottery ticket. But I’m lazy. If not for my laziness, perhaps I would already be a millionaire. :joy: :see_no_evil:

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I let the little dragon roar and cross my fingers, hoping for the best !

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I keep seeing this method mentioned, but I’ve never seen the actual explanation. And I shouldn’t need to sit through a Youtube video to follow it.

Anchor did a written form in his YouTube video at about 3/4 th of the Video.

Not that I don’t appreciate the answer, but is there some reason why someone just doesn’t post the written instruction on this forum?

Short version: pull two silver tokens, look for troops or 3*'s;
If both are those - pull one 5* portal, look for 4-5* or event hero;
If got all of those - then do a 10-pull of your choice for a supposedly guaranteed 5*.

If you don’t get the target pulls on first three draws, take a half an hour break and start from beginning.

Disclaimer: I did not get a 5* using this method and 10 EHTs, but I won’t stop anyone from believing if it ends up working. All power to you.

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I do the same thing. Lol. I try not to even see the results. I just check my roster later to see what new hero/heroes I have.

Applying Censure’s Summoning Method in YouTube:

This is me… I did get some lucky pulls this way… Actually 2 in November. Had 100 Atlantis coins and got Ariel. Had 20 challenge coins and 2nd pull was Guardian Kong. I have a feeling that my success rate with this method was ok if I get 3* troop or hero with silver coin. However, bunch of unlucky 10-pulls as well in the past (although, it mostly happen if I go to the main pull after 2* troop).
Anyway… I can’t say I believe in the method, but it doesn’t hurt to try it. :joy:


Someone of my Ally does this in Russian Language…

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Thanks, that’s all I was looking for.

I smash the button as soon as I collect enough coins/tokens. :rofl: Worked for me so far. :stuck_out_tongue:


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