Any suggestions to defeat legendary wonderland

Any input from the veterans on a good set up to get through legendary Wonderland challenge. I have several heroes ready for battle but just looking for thoughts on what you would use if you could list a couple of each color that would be helpful that would increase the chance that I have that hero. Thanks in advance for your help

Item nuking (bombs, axes, dragon attacks) toward the last stages can be effective if your team is underpowered.

What do you have for hero options?


Adding these in for easy reference for this discussion:


One word … PROTEUS😄


Fire heroes ,Azlar,Zim,boldtusk,scarlett,summito,gormek. All fully ascended not fully leveled yet, Holy heroes Fully ascended High levels-Guin,Liu,Vivica,Gretel,Jackyl. Nature - fully ascended Mother N,Tarlak,Cade3/60,Elkanen 3/69,Melandor 3/60,Kash 3/60. Dark heroes fully ascended : Khiona,Rigard,Jabar,Gafar,Sabina,Merlin,Tibutus,Cyprian. Ice heroes fully ascended :Isarnia,Sonya,Grim,Fish dude( can’t think of its name LOL )Magni. I might’ve forgot a few but this is a pretty good list @zephyr1

And I forgot triton and Kiril😳

But serious, time stop (crucial if you don’t have proteus) bombs, dragon attacks. My team (just going for finish, not leaderboard and most not leveled out): red hood, boldtusk, tiburtus, Guardian jackal and … Proteus🙂 don’t tell me elements don’t match, that’s all I’ve got except unleveled or semi-leveled ones (inari3-30, aegir3-40(haha), queen1-1, cat 2-1, guin4-408thought about her) zim3-50, gadeirus4-70(used him in stage9, silly me) and a the usual suspects).

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Firstly, forget all Nature heroes.

My personal choices, based on your list: Azlar (or Zim, if you want to use Elemental Link and cleanse) and Boldtusk; Guinevere (strangely, but I like her mana cut in offense; it will postpone Alice’s special, but will make the final stage easier to grind); Isarnia (or Magni) and Grimm.

Unfortunately you don’t have Proteus, he’d be awesome.

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And I am well-equipped with all the battling tools for example bomb attacks, dragon attacks , arrows , mana , antidotes ,etc.

As @vanZille alluded, mana control is highly effective for completion. I’d consider bringing along Guin and Li Xiu for that.

Vivica will be a good healer option too, and the triple stack of holy would be effective given the monster and boss colors.

I’d round that out with Magni for the fast sniping and defense buff, and probably Isarnia for the defense debuff. I’m fond of mono or 3-2 for events because it’s easier to charge your specials at once.

Be sure to charge up your specials before each boss stage. Then fire Isarnia and Magni immediately, followed by tile damage, then Guin to keep the bosses from firing, then more tile damage then Li Xiu, then duke it out or nuke everyone. That’d be my rough suggestion.


Take the dragon attacks and the bomb attacks. Try to control The Hatter’s mana, so he won’t steal your buffs. And, in case the Queen unleash her special, aim immediately her card minion with tiles, ending her taunt.


I took in Redhood, Falcon, Wilbur, Natalya and Proteus. All have talents.
I didn’t take any damage from bosses, red queen fired once and i nuked her minion with a single red tile then fired proteus and finished the event.

Was 993 in Legendary when I finished, that won’t last.

The rewards are a little underwhelming so I don’t think I’ll fight too hard to stay in the top 5000.


You know with all the negativity on this forum, this is proof to all (not that it’s needed ) of how much help, constructive criticism ,knowledge, and worldwide team play shines. I thank each and everyone of you for your replies. These are the ties that bind and make the game fun for me. A good attitude in spite of negativity makes everything better of course that’s just my opinion :grinning:


My team was pretty weak compared to others, but proteus and time stop made it relatively easy. I’m always sorry for those who don’t have him, don’t know how to finish legendary without him at my state.


I tried as hard as I could afford to get Proteus but alas he eluded me :cry:

We’re all together in our addiction.

BTW, I checked your profile and noticed you’re from Wisconsin. Greetings from a Brazilian Packers fan. Lived in the USA from 2001 until 2002.


Bizarrely, I’ve got THREE of him (4/10, 1/1 and 1/1). And today, two Cats and Kunchen (total of 22 pulls). So, very hard choices on who should I grow first.

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I would go for the cats, think they will be very funny in times of war. Have a second proteus too, waiting at 1-1, don’t know yet, cat first. I love proteus, would be nice to have a second one for war leveled, but I think one with emblems and cat with emblems is better than 2 proteus (one will surely be without emblems for … maybe years) and cat is a sorcerer, I see no other sorcerer in casual line-ups - Cochin got all the emblems for now, but will give them to cat when leveled😻

You had a good day RNG was good to you. The Packers need to start rebuilding hopefully their new coaching staff will bring them back to the top :flushed: I would love to be in Brazil right now. I am originally from New Orleans, this cold is starting to wear down my old bones :cold_face:

For completion only, not classement, this is my teams for legendary:
Wilbur- jackal-mushashi-delilah-kong for 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 10
Wilbur-ares(3/60)-falcon-delilah-kong for 3
Wilbur-falcon-gravemaker-delilah-marjana for 5
Wilbur-alasie-richard-delilah-kong for 7, 8
Items: mini red, mini blue, mini green (not used) and arrows for all levels
Result: 579968, not top but made :slight_smile:
I have tested differents teams for fun

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