Any suggestion on ascendin welcomed


Hi there , i would like to listen to some sugestions regarding my second red and yelow 5* hero ascension .It tooked couple of months but i managed to get the items required, but naw i m in a strange position , Who should i ascend knowing my next oportunity will be in 3/4 months :)) most likely.

i know for a fact just watching the top 100 ranking Grave is there but Red hood is ok and Marjana as well :/, same on the yelow , i alredy have a good healer and tank Delilah but Vivica is not to underestimate , and the hitters ar not as Justice or Joon witch i m missing , so should i hold on till i l get one of them or give someone a chance , all the sugestions are welcomed,
Ps my maind raid deck is Delilah,Magni,Azlar,Obakan,GregoriOn often swiching to double coulor depending / Alasie/Sartana/


Are you talking about ascending to 4.80? Or 3.70?

Red: Gravemaker to 4.80 for sure. Marjana and RedHood deserves at least 3.70.

Yellow: Both Rana and Drake deserv at least 3.70. I’d probably ascend Drake to 4.80 first though.

But if you’re not swimming in ascension materials you might want to wait until Season2 is released (sometine later this month) to make your decision.


Talking to 4/80 and yeah it might be a good ideea ,waithing for sezon 2 :)) , thanks for the reminder that sezon 2 is coming soon i hope :wink:


If you need amazing tank then Red Hood. If you need good hitter then Marjana. Gravemaker is something i really don’t understand. Many say he’s good but where actually? He’s riddiculously easy to beat in raids and does poor damage if he fires his special… i dunno. Up to you.

I have red hood and she’s pure gold!


Gravemaker at 4.80 with a lvl11 red mana troop has a huge impact. He charges in 6 tiles, burns for a lot of damage and can take a punch.

To each his/her own, if you dont like him dont use him.

But numbers dont lie. As of this moment there are 19 Gravemakers in the defensive teams of the top 20 players. Some even run multiples.

Gravemaker is a crazy good hero.


Good on defense, good on raids attacks, good on map (even if his special animation is slower than 4* heroes), good on titans. Pretty much everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

His task is to weaken heroes to let the others kill them while with bad boards he doesn’t even need the other heroes and clear the attackers alone. The good part is that even if he die he is likely to fire his special at least once (unlikely other heroes) and more times if you are unlucky.


like it or not what I write, these posts are those that hurt the community of players, they do not exist in any mmorpg


Did you post in the wrong thread? Or was it more of a philosophical statement?


no friend. the forum of people with their post is full, although some disguise it, of “look what I have, even if it takes 4 days”. Dedicated people, who take time and know how to play, who play for free or contribute what they have and, in events, etc, they make 2 or 3 throws that hurt and take out garbage and see that half of the posts are whales, but not He knows it and many lie to say it came out to me in an attempt, but they have all the hotm and heroes of event, it creates a wrong feeling of unreality and injustice. In any game, whales are marginal characters, here they are the center of the forum and, every time someone enters, they take off another expense to invest and they leave little or nothing and see this they leave the game.


I’m sorry, I still dont quite understand what you mean and how it pertains to this thread, but its Sunday here and I’m a bit slow.

Anyways, enjoy your weekend! :slight_smile:


I realy don t understand your statemant , and wath is harmfully to the comunity and forum , if you can enlight me , i would be much gratefuly…


Huh. Wow. Have a super day :neutral_face:


I’m not at all for certain, but it appears he says too many people post asking for help when it appears they know and are showing off screen shots of what they bought??? I’m in no way implying that, but I reread it a few times to try and decipher


Hmm well if he thinks that he should put down 1000$ , at least that is the money i have invested in the last 3 months , then he can complain about showing of , he needs to be in my spot then maibe have second thots , i was literaly asking opinions so once i have ascended and spend the materials there is no way back just another 3/4 months ahed of grinding …i hope he reads this and maibe have a better understanding of the game …


The topic its selfexplanatori , sugestions , not help :slight_smile: