Any Suggestion for a team VS Titan

My current team is

Planning to replace some of the heroes to increase titan dmg, the short goal is to replace Chao and Sabina with WuKong and Tiburtus. Going to keep Melendor until I get Liana and level her up, here is the question:
1 I’m going to get 5* blue later but in short-term, should I keep Kiril or is there any other 4* blues good enough to replace him?
2 Also thinking to replace Scarlett, yes, she does great dmg against Titans but, for the 8* Titans or higher tier, more than 1 hit on her = dead, I’m tired of always have to watch out her HP, I have Boldtusk and Marjana too, which one should I level up first to replace her?

Waaaaaay too many healers. My opinion ONLY, and YMMV, but I don’t use healers. You have 90 seconds. Load up with healing flasks if you have to, and blast that titan as hard and as fast as you can.


Agree with you on Scarlett’s squishyness. I’d go Marjana for damage…orrr Boldtusk (see below).

I prefer Grimm to Kiril, because I like stacking him with Boldtusk, especially if you are also playing WuKong (who I don’t have yet, alas).

I have thought bout Grimm but don’t think he is much tanky than Scarlett, his armor is almost as low as Scarlett and like 100 HP more, gonna have to watch his HP too, and I wanted something less easy to die.

But Grimm does have a debuff that maybe I can put a heavy hitter on purple instead of Tiburtus, maybe just get them all in the future

Grimm has higher ATK than Tiburtus, otherwise they’re very close, and have the same Special.

Grimm’s Special is 295% (of 711), Scarlett’s is 215% (of 767); I use Grimm for my -DEF, and pop Boldtusk in for my +ATK.

Now just need WuKong… :grin:


There are two Marjana’s in this conversation: the 3/70Marjana and the 4/80 Marjana. (In some fairness, a 4/70 isn’t really much different than a 4/80.) The 3/70 Marjana isn’t very different than the one-shot 4* reds, marry worse. Deep into fourth ascension, though, and her hit is a death sentence, like Sartana’s or Lianna’s. The is a step change in hero value.

Your post also implies that you have a single team. Seasoned players have a bench and build a team for a purpose. Each raid and Titan battle is a new puzzle, and the more pieces you have to move, the better.


Ramming Pulverizer, boldtusk and wukong are a great base for pretty much every titan. Wu Kong will provide the biggest bang when it comes to damage.

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Ok, so I think will make the new team with Melendor/ Grimm/ Boldtusk/ Wukong, and still thinking what hero to be the purple one, I have 3 in mind they are Sabina or Tiburtus or Sartana(for the short-term I can get her to 3/70), which one you guys think is the best? I know for the long run Sartana is best but I it will take a while for me to get her to 80, I’m thinking Tiburtus cuz I’ve heard his debuff stacks with Grimm’s? Not sure about it but if they do it could be nice, also thinking about Sabina because high tier titans hit hard, an extra healer can save me some potions, thoughts?

TBH, Melendor and BT should suffice for healing, and you can carry along some Mana potions for safe measure.

You’re considering almost my exact titan attack team, except I use Richard instead of Grimm. My chosen purple is Tibertus until I can get someone better. I can almost always have Titan defense down with two ramming pulverizers. Seems to be working okay for the 5/6* Titans we’re fighting these days.

Grimm and Tiburtus do not stack. It’s one or the other. :wink:

Ok thanks for the suggestion guys, Think I’m going to go with Tiburtus first he is easier to get and level, have a good one

I could only recommend Brienne

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