Any South African players out there

Looking to see how many fellow countrymen are around.

Not been finding many players from back home…


We have 3 in our alliance.

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Ever since I’ve been playing E&P I’ve been looking for a “home-team” so to speak and never really found any, not many SA based alliances around

The alliance I’m in started in SA. It’s called KillaBeez and the former leader is Stinga, lolz. He just passed the torch due to overwhelming workload, but is still a co-leader with us.

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Love the irony - as long as there are no honey pots involved :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha, no it’s a real casual alliance, Stinga is the only one over 4K TP, but I’m getting closer. Lots of lower tier players that we help along.

More like a training alliance of sorts?

Yeah, except it doesn’t lead to a top tier alliance, lolz. No it’s only about 200 days old and we don’t actively recruit. Just take who comes and make the best of it. We’re still pretty young. But we have Line, so we’re making steps.

That’s great!

I had a look at your alliance, relatively new like you said, and nothing wrong with a start-up, helping people grow within your team is a good thing.

I wish you guys good luck on the way up the ladder :smiley_cat:


Thanks, good luck to you too. Hope you find something close to home.


I am with an alliance (Sixth Element), just don’t see very many guys from SA on E&P, guess not very many find it as “irresistible” as we do lol

I’ve heard of Sixth Element, probably from an active poster here on the forums. But yeah, who know what drives the popularity. Well, you have a thread now, hopefully some will pop out and say hi.

Edit: ah, it’s ThePirateKing I always see posting.


I’ve met 6 SA ppl in E&P. One is my gf. I heard about a all-South African alliance, but i don’t remember the name. :frowning: if i find more details, i’ll post them.

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My alliance had four members from SA, but two of them have stopped playing, and I don’t think any of them visit the forums…

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Search for our alliance, the name is Terroriste. We a are proudly South African alliance.:blush: