Any of these heroes deserve my tonics?

Zocc is useful.

Morgan is interesting and works well under certain circumstances, but she’s not that special anymore.

Honestly though? I’d be tempted by Mother North dupe - she’s incredibly useful and if I had two maxed, they’d both get used every war… Not to mention two of her in a team could really provide an excellent failsafe, and a very easy A grade defence in rush tournaments.

As many have said, Telluria post nerf is not a good use of mats. Mine very seldom comes off the bench. I’ve seen a few of her recently in defenses, but she doesn’t scare me at all any more.

Bertila is a solid hero. Not on the level of S5 or recent events, but solid. I use her in my green stack pretty constantly.

I’m planning on taking Silvaria at least to 3/70, because my only other normal defense down hero in Green is Buddy, who’s pretty fragile on Titans.

I wish I had drawn Zocc. Certainly has a weakness against clerics and monks, but super useful on attack.

I maxed Elradir and very seldom use him. I’d say I want the mats back, but I have a glut of tonics (at least compared to any other elemental mat).


Zocc looks really great to have. Many of the others do too, of course. Bertila has been giving me a hard time when facing her in some tournaments, because of how sturdy she is, but I have no experience with any of these on offense.

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Gargoyle update… just pulled arco. I think he is one of the better gargoyles… it looks like i will be giving my tonics to him. :grinning:

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Have a Guin and tonic. On the house.