Any news on Atlantis october

I’d like to know which hero to expect. If it is Misandra and some other and 2 HOTM’s i don’t like i’d like to spend everything on Halloween :slight_smile:

Someone who could tell me from Beta which hero to expect? If SGG were persistent than old HOTM would be Natalya and Athena. Fingers crossed…

Nobody outside SG knows for sure which heroes will actually be picked for this month’s Atlantis gate, but if the seasonal event runs the same way as the previous ones, it’ll be on for a couple of weeks, so you can sit back and wait on spending on the vampires before you know what the Atlantis heroes are.

I am wondering too . Which hotm will come …

that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll wait until thursday for the atlantis portal and decide whether it’s worth some pulls on the portal or the event. Depending on the portal’s heroes I might even wait for November for a chance at Zimkitha

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SG has said that the halloween event will continue during the atlantis event, so you don’t have to decide which to choose to spend your gems on until you can actually see what heroes are out. They also said it will continue into november, which I’m stoked about because I’m going to use all of my hero tokens to try getting that hotm!

The hotms in season2 till yet were:
Perseus blue
Hel purple
Alberich green
Ares red

So i Think this time it will be a yellow.
I think Musashi and Athena will come


Athena blue…

I’m also guessing Musashi and Athena or Thoth-Anum. So far I haven’t heard of any new Atlantis hero in beta, so I think there’ll be Misandra and Mok-Arr for the second time.