Any news if there will be a TC past level 20?

Just wondering if the developers have said anything or is there anyrhing in the beta about having the TC go past 20 ?

I mean they have higher Stronghold levels now, so why not have some higher TC levels also ? I reckon it would be a good opportunity for the devs to give us some better ones as some of the higher TC’s aren’t that good.

Maybe they could have a fast tc for 2* heroes (like they do for 1* ones) and have one where you can only get 4* and 5*s would be pretty good also.

There will not be any TC over 20 in the near future.


So instead of higher tc’s they have made a Hero Academy ? Any idea on when this comes out ?

No idea, it have yet to appear into the beta :man_shrugging:


So the devs dont let anyone know, they just put things in the beta without saying anything ?

Dont they make announcements?

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They announced there will be Hero Academy. They won’t announce any dates because if they do, there would be many threads complaining about delays.

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Ahh ok. So there isnt even an estimate date like Summer 2019 (well for us Summer is in Dec, so not sure what timezone they go off) or something like this ?

But the Hero Academy sounds pretty good, but dont see the harm in them adding new TC’s either, like i mentioned above, specially the fast training of 2* heroes.

No estimate date for hero academy has been announced. Most probably they’ll start working on it when the Alchemy Lab is ready but it’s only my speculation.

For sure they have some internal schedule for new features and even S3 but I fully understand why they don’t want to make any public commitments

Yeah that’s hilarious. I was once in Australia in November and I have a photo under the summer Christmas tree. Here we usually have some snow in November lol.


Petri posted some non-news about S3 over here:


This thread is not about S3.

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Well I know, but you mentioned it…

Imdont know if this Hero Academy is the right moves by the devs, it might turn alot of people off the game. Im in a facenook group dedicated to this game and everyone in there is saying its just a money grab and looks stupid.

I hope they are wrong and the devs dont make the wrong move, because as soon as people start to see a free game turn to nothing but a pay to win game and nothing more but a cash grab they will stop playing.

There’s a certain point where people will have enough and if they see the devs are just trying to charge us for all these stupid things and you can only get them if you spend money, they will stop playing, so the devs need to be very careful with all these new buildings.

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