Any New Players? (2021/Late 2020)

Are there new players here? (2021/Late 2020)

Introduce yourself and how you’re playing the game so far.

  • What level are you currently at?

  • How did you discover / start playing E&P?

  • How often do you play the game?

  • Which parts of the game do you enjoy?

  • Which portals did you summon for?

It would be interesting to get to know you guys more.


Great question. I like new members being safe to ask questions here in the forum. All the best to the new players, hope you enjoy!


Is under one year of playing still new? :joy: started end of March 20 :slight_smile:


Well I’ll give you some insight of my decision making/trying to get used to the game anyways, even tho I’m not a newbie anymore :grin:

Atm I’m lvl 50, I’m a pretty dedicated player (online games are part of my life for a long time, spent a lot of time in LOL and CS:GO and other games) and I try to spend as less money as possible. Try to use every WE I get, if nothing is to do, I’ll farm 8-7 or continue with s3 normal (s2 hard mode still a long way to go)

Started playing cause in another mobile game you got credits for finishing lvl10 in E&P lol (yes, I stopped playing this other game :joy:)
Dunno why, it’s my first match-3 game and i really got hooked into it

I play a lot, especially during events cause I love the competitive aspect of the game, furthermore I like the team aspect of the game (wars, titans)
Raids are only there for the chest and sometimes for trying new heroes and/or compositions

And that also leads to the last question, I started reading the forum quite early, especially I tried to figure out which heroes are a “must have”

And i feel like, every hero is a “must have” and at the same time a “skip” hero, it just depends on your playstyle (sure, some heroes are just allrounders and everyone would love to have em, others are really niche)

As stated, I love the events and titans, so my Portal I spent the most is guardians of teltoc (yes, I got my jackal and my falcon in ~27 pulls!)

Other portals I like are the costume chamber (quite good rate of free pulls) and once in a while 10x pull for vallhalla (got gullinbursti and brynhild already, still looking for almur, want him so badly)

Aaaaand my mindset for this game is, I am chasing for 4*, every 5 star I get from a portal is just the ice on the cake

Last time Atlantis for example my second pull was JF, last costume chamber third pull Elkanen, and the costume chamber before in a 10 pull Justice, and ofc I got some vanillas from my tc20 and I’m totally fine with that:)

Edit: ah yes, and my free EHTs (around 12) I used in december for krampus got me reuben, consolidation price I guess? :joy::joy::joy:


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