Any new input for mount umber?

First time doing a quest trhat i have a chance to clear some levels.
Read previous posts from 18.
I’m assuming blue is the heroes of choice.
Stacking mandatory?
I have frida @2+, boril @ 3+ and gunnar also at 3+.
I hope to clear up to 2500 exp.(3/4 levels ),
Any ideas are welcome.
I do have some 3* maxed in purple,yellow green, and red (don’t know if of any use ?)

They are all red, blue is the right choice. Take at least one healer and/or another hitter/(de) buffer.

You should be able to clear all stages.

Thanks, i just cleared the 3rd stage, i took hawkmoon along, made it easier.
The next level is above my team rating so…?
Keep you posted.

I’m thinking i need to buff frida if i can, still have more than twenty four hours to try and get a few levels up.

Try it. Maybe some arrows, axes and bombs will help to nuke the bosses, before they gonna kill you.

Some already cleared stages of 4000 with 2500 teams.

I do have arrows and axes.
I hope i remember to use them, i allways forget until it is too late…lol.

Just save them all for the last stage and use them all at the same time alongside your supers. You should be able to clear it. Good luck!!!

I failed (but almost win) on last stage,… using:
Tiburtus 3.60 - Gato 3.37 - Gunnar 3.50 - Scarlett 3.60 - Bane +2

I do not use healer because it is Bellith (green) maxed. And Hawkmoon is at 2.20.
My other blue not lvlup yet: Grimm, Boril, Valen

Using items: Minor Heal - Mior Mana - Arrow - Axe

Well, maybe next cycle, will prepare more on blue and healer.

You can keep trying as you level up your heroes

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Wolf9 update,
Cleared level 4, only lost 1 heroe on the way to the boss (frida) hawkmoon died right after healing as i was shooting arrows.
Level 5 is almost 700 points over my team, will try but don’t expect much.
I did get what i needed (the book).

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Stage 4 is the blade though isn’t it? I mean the Battle Manual is nice too, but most people aim for at least the blade if not the rings.

There’s no harm in trying. All you’ve lost is time and battle items, the latter of which is relatively unimportant and the former… well, if you’re that pressed for time, why are you playing this game in the first place? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t remember all i remember is thinking was i have already 15 of them the book just a few, and i know that i will need them.
Lot of blue to ascend.

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Book (Battle Manual) is on stage 3, and can get from farming map.
Stage 4 is Hidden Blade - for Red Heroes. (I did it)
And the last stage 5 is Mystic Ring - for Red Heroes. (Not yet, I have try twice no luck, maybe next cycle).

PS: you can see from Activity Log.

I checked and you’re right idid get the blade.
Unfortunately I’m very poor on reds ( 1 4*) and have 5 4* blues so the book is definitely more in demand.
Correction i only had 3 blades, now 4, i only need the red heros. Lol.

For Blue you need 4x Warm Cape.

Yeah, those going to be a problem, but i can still level them to 3/60 you need boots and books to climb from 2 to 3 .

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Yes, but Boot and Books easy to get from map.
Tall Boots: S1 12-1
Battle Manual: S1 12-3

here the source:

The point to complete mount umber is to get Hidden Blade and Rings (rare and will not dropped from map).
It means you can leveling *4 blue to 3.60 without needed this mount umber.

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I got some luck at 13/4-6-9 for both and chaimail.
Level 12 was not as kind to me.
I did look at Barry’s list also.
As far as the rings i guess maybe next time, got killed at the fourth wave, still for a team at 2480 i can’t complain.