Any new info on Hero Academy or Season 3?

I picked up a second Neith and the Hatter in this Challenge Event. I just maxed Joon out and plan on maxing Neith but won’t have materials for the second Neith. I also have Lianna waiting to be leveled and need materials to finish Horghall who is stuck at 3/70. This makes me think of the Hero Academy coming up and since I have 2 5s who are expendable, does anyone think I could trade my current 5s for other 5*s in this Hero Academy?

Also, any information on Season 3, I’m almost done Season 2 Hard.

No information available for either yet

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@zephyr1, got any links/ mergers for this?

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No information on either is available at the moment.

This is the latest on getting an update on Hero Academy:

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