Any luck for Altantis summons?


Here is my result.

I did 36x pulls and I got

1 horghall
1 khiona
1 ares
1 obakan

Some 4* mixture of season 1 and 2 heroes and the rest are 3* no matter what seasons heroes they are…

I can’t complain with this result but what I really wanted was Alberich :’( well this is how the life is which I can’t deny. I reached my budget for this time and I am not gonna pull more except with Atlantis coins…

I really appreciate that I got Ares tho.

What are your results guys?
I wish you got what you wanted!

Atlantis pulls
Miss Fortune?

I did 110 pulls and all I got was Khiona lol everything else got fed to boldtusk


Did a 30x Pull today. I wanted Tarlak or Ares and I got:
1 Elkanen
1 Ares (Yippie!)
1 Khiona

6x 4-star S2
2x 4-star S1

13x 3-star S2
7x 3-star S1

I’m very happy with the result, because the chance of getting the wanted heros is very low.

I forgot to mention. In the three Chests were orb,tabbard,cloak and some other stuff.


Sadly, nope, no luck :sob:


what a terrible chests :neutral_face:


I did roughly 100 summons, and the only 5 star I got was Tarlak. I also got both purple 4 star Atlantis heroes, both red 4 star Atlantis heroes, and danzaburo.
I plan on maxing Tarlak (I have the materials), but 1 5 star in 100 summons isn’t very good in my opinion…


Woah, how so many Atlantis coins??

You got Tarlak at least! Congrats!


just don’t understand why the invoc cost is 350 VS 300.

at least we could be guaranted to get S2 heroes at this price? :sunglasses:

and s1 heroes, especially three stars should be put into trashbags :sweat_smile:


I didnt track all my pulls but yay! You got Ares too!
I got a tabbard, a shield, a cape, and a pair of globes


Well, let’s clear stage 3,4,5 and pull with Atlantis coins. You still have chances!


Mok-Arr x2
Khiona x2

Just Ares is missing. Tarlak got month ago.

Mok-Arr is a joke in my opinion. I have feeling that something is missing in his Special skill. He is like Quintus just with average mana. Extra damage against Holy? They at least could add turns for that extra damage against holy.

Actually Mok-Arr is not that bad. 4 purple including Khiona + Wilbur can do great job. First Khiona, then Wilbur and then Mok-Arr. 270% damage is not anymore 270% dame but something much more power full. Still very specific hero.


Mok-Arr isn’t really in my interest since my goal was Alberich which you got! So jelly! And congrats!
How many pulls have you done to get him?


Hey with Atlantis being new why in the heck are ya putting the other hero’s in with them. I saved my tokens waiting for them to show back up and when it get’s here I get Nasgar again no Atlantis. Really guys that is quite unfair I was wanting an Atlantian and I don’t get one now gotta save then wait until they show up again. All u young programers and driving this 53 yr old lady nuts and making me want to bend yal over my knee for sure. Between this the unfair war & raid draws is enough to make me wanna chew metal and spit bullets. How 'bout fixing what we all have been complaining about, yal suppose to be some of the brightest minds in programming so get to recoding some of this stuff


Did a 10-pull, looking for one of the HOTM. Got Mok-Arr, so even though he wasn’t what I was looking for, no complaints.




pull from 10 + 03 Atlantis tokens. Wilbir, Proteus, Sumitomo and the rest 3 * S2.


Wasn’t Atlantis summons 3% legendary chance last month?
Why the nerf?


Did one Atlantis coin pull, was very very happy to get an Atlantis 3*, Mnesseus, and Khiona. Am happy with the 3*, at least it’s an Atlantis specific hero :smile:


3 times higher and not 3%. But you started very good question. Now odds are worse to pull Atlantis 4* and 5*. Not very fair.


17 puls. Pretty much all trash.

Proteus was only season 2 4*. (Already have him from last months summons), 2 Regular 4s, the rest was about 50/50 on season 1 and 2 3*

Had been hoarding gems for a little while for this, and thought Tarlak and Alby were worth rolling for. Still have never seen a hotm in 6 months and more than enough pulls to at least get one of them.

Can’t really complain cos I don’t have patience for others that don’t “get lucky” on summons, but this experience was enough that I’m not likely to spend anymore. Have already let the VIP pass lapse…