Any info on June’s hero of the month?

Just wondering what the June 2018 HOTM will be.

It’s assumed to be Gravemaker.


Thanks for the info.

I saw a player with Gravemaker at the top! At 80! How is it possible in less than 24 hours??

They saved resources for a month or more to get it done.
Happens every month :slight_smile:

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Here we go again …


As long as you keep your training camps running you can keep adding recruits and food to train more. So players can ‘bank’ feeder heroes to use when they’ve got something worth feeding them to. As a note, if the training ever stops, you have to collect everything that camp has produced before you can start new trainings!


Here is an example of a player who pulled Alasie (HoTM for May) and how they powered her to the top… (by saving enough resources and ascension items ands show how he did it).


I saved 60 red 2* heroes in Hero Roster (daily summons and from map) + had more than 700 in training camps (two TC11 (450), one TC2(300)) and 15 in TC20. I do not have full set of 4th tier ascension materials therefore decided to train other heroes too. Run out of food :smiley: Still have around 150 1* or 2* heroes. Currently my Gravemaker is 3/65. Not enough food. Could not do better because I finished my TC20 only 8 days ago. Also Farms were very low when I started preparation. All process took less than 3 weeks.

It is huge risk to prepare like this. I could finish without Gravemaker and then all preparation could be waste of time. Luckily I got him.

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took a bit over 3 weeks to save food and heroes and level GM in about an hour. I pulled him with saved up tokens on the 10th pull.

I had 85 days of “food” queued in TC20, 2 TC11 with about 320 heroes in each, and a TC5 with 675 reds in it. Just had to keep farming backpacks a bit, never ran out of those. I saved red trainers and red 4* for levelling the last levels 70 to 80.

I had leftovers, so I finished a few other heroes to 80 and started working on Aeron up to 2-40.

Just don’t level anything for a month basically. I fed heroes from farming maps and quests to a 4* I wanted to finish up during that month.

This should give you roughly an idea of what to aim for next month if you want to try.


Is there some stats of how many 2* same color, 1 to 50. How many 2* same color 1 to 60. And so on.???

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