Any idea which holy to ascend 🤔

I cannot decide, waited for that set of darts a long time. Might need red tank d for war too with a holy flank or wing, currently running zim-Frida-guin-red hood/Kingston (still not sure who’s the better flank and wing) Neith seems to be perfect for legendary challenge events, musashi for guin-less d, inari is just sweet :thinking: musashi is a rogue and Neith will never see an emblem, they belong to red hood. Heeelp please :woozy_face:

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You don’t need any upgrades. You just need more fun heroes to play with.

Inari is fun and good for titans.

Neith is fun too if you pair her with Guin. Double mana cut + blind.


Interesting way to flex. LOL

But to your point, since you don’t have a fast striker to pair with Jackal, Musashi is a great choice. He is your best singular yellow hero to choose from because he can be paired with most teams as a generic damage dealer. Neith doesn’t do enough damage on her own and Inari works best when paired with a hero that does blind, but but you don’t have one of those maxed, which means you would have to max Neith first… I’m not sure you would want to do that as Inari is too fragile at 3.70.

My vote: Musashi


It seems that your dilemma is based on war defense needs assuming a move to Red tanks.
Inari is not good on defense. She explodes titans and gives great tile damage even when dead while on offense. She is great fun but NOT your war defender. No synergy with Jackal either.
Musashi has very good tile damage, snipes hard, and therefore synergizes with Jackal. I am a little skeptical about him on defense. He hasn’t posed me problems when facing him and he is still 1-1 on my bench at the moment.
Neith - You have a better option already, Guin even at flank. Better mana cut with HoT. The Blind is good and all but I BELIEVE that the healing is a bit more helpful but this is not a hard fact, just an opinion.

Of the options listed I believe Guin is still your best war flank, if running double Holy then Neith.
On Titans Inari with Musashi close behind while on attacking raids Musashi would get the nod.