Any good suggestion ( War defense team )?

Hello champs

I would like to know which of these following heroes would be good to set my defense war with :

  • Melendor ( Talented ) pwr 663
  • Boldtusk ( Talented ) pwr 674
  • Jack O’hare ( Talented ) pwr 678
  • sonya ( Talented ) pwr 673
  • Chao ( un-Talented ) pwr 642
  • Cyprian ( un-Talented ) pwr 642

All are fully ascends

Need your help <3


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I’d agree with the @Radar1 setup with what you list, although I’d prefer a rainbow defense to keep any color from being especially vulnerable. Mel is better as a healer than Cyp, and BT is better as a tank, but as you I’d be looking for a good purple (Tibs?) to sub for Jack.

Healers are always helpful on defense, and Mel + BT are two great ones. Sonia is good as a debuffer though I had and preferred Caedmon. I had Chao in for a long while as a defender; he worked fine. GL!

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