Any Exceptions to Defense Specials Order?

Under normal circumstances, a raid defense team will cast their specials from left to right during their turn if more than one hero is fully charged. However, while playing one of the Season 2 levels, it occurred to me that there may arise some situations where one hero’s special may allow another hero to his/her left to cast, and I’m not sure if this would then cause them to cast out of order. Does anyone know if this can happen during raids?

Specifically, the situations I’m thinking of are:

  1. Alberich (or Mother North) revives a dead fully-charged hero to their left.
  2. A cleanser (e.g. Rigard, Vivica, Zimkitha) removes the mute status from a fully-charged hero to their left.
  3. Misandra’s mana increase fully charges a hero to her left.

No, none of these events will trigger a firing out-of-order. For example, if Alberich is placed on the right wing, casts, and resurrects an ally with full mana, that ally will not cast because the AI has already done the check to see whether that position had a hero ready to cast. Consequently, it is strongly preferred to put Alberich (or Mother Winter) in the left wing position.

Same holds for the other examples. The AI makes one and only one check of whether heroes are ready to cast, working left to right (as displayed).


Ohhh…never thought of this @lexinen! Great thought! And thanks for the answer @Kerridoc! Learned something new today :grin:

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