Any Devs learn about their consumer psychographics?

Any Devs learn about their consumer psychographics? Some people are very competitive by nature. Some of those people are at the right place at the right time and become billionaire hedge fund managers. Some are also natural born athletes and they become nba stars. Most of us find our places in life and we find a place to let out our competitive mojo and with that, we can balance well with the rest of life. Some will never find balance to life, but thats another topic.

That said, it used to be that if you put in time (and become a study of the game) you could eventually be competing with others here that did the same. Yeah, you put too much money in the pig, but god dmit, you were going to kick somebody’s fartbox that seemingly has been a game bully for way too long. And you did. And life was good. You knew the heros like they were your btch. Or at least your little brother. But the game today is, well, I cant imagine it filling that place in your psych-funnel of needs…something to feed your mojo, something to fill our desires to be one of the best at something… not because you were lucky or because you were a trust fund baby, but because you erned your way.

Today, with “power creep gone mad”, with the constant launch of a rediculous number of new heros that the devs havent a clue on how they fit into the health of the game, and, the fact that someone can easily buy their way to the top in pretty short order now (4* assention mats are sold now probably 10 or 20 to 1 over the old fashion way… the retention of your foundation is showing some cracks. What say you?


Interesting thoughts. For me I’ve always been competitive. Before 5 I remember playing scrabble, cards and dominoes with my grandmother. As I grew older sports were easy for me so I loved playing with friends having fun but also winning. As I slowed down I looked towards studying topics that intrigued me, and learned all I could to be the guy that knew everything about things people loved.

Now that I’m getting old I’m going back to those simple games I played with family as a kid. Sitting at a card table playing poker with strangers or board games with my friends is truly a joy and the desire to win is always there

This game does a little of all of that for me. Playing with friends, sharing tactics to win as a team or discovering new ways to play, the devs did a good job hitting my notes for happiness. So for me power creep doesn’t matter, when it’s all said and done I just loved the playful competition like I did with my grandma before I even went to school.

Have fun, and stay young at heart people


Thank you for sharing

I’m sure they have a pie graph somewhere. They seem to know what they’re doing. The frustration you feel is exactly corelated with their income stream. A game without frustrations wouldn’t make a dime. People send money to ease that, and they have to keep providing both frustration and release or they end up in the trash. They’ve balanced that well enough to sustain their game longer than they probably expected to.

Out of curiosity, I went to Google for patents owned by Zynga.

One of their patents focused on tracking player activity.

It was some time ago. Can’t recall more details on that patent.

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