Any description on May 2019 Nature HOTM? (Margaret, formerly Elinor)

Yes. :partying_face:

I don’t understand that we can share the hero stats but not the picture of the hero itself. I mean,… :joy:… SG says, beta information can change and then people are angry. Am I the only one who realize that we share the changable information but not the picture which always stays the same, no matter what happen in beta?

I’m interested in pulling Margaret. She’s mabye not a gamechanger but sounds like a pretty good addition :slight_smile:


I think a lot of the rules are dumb. But I’m well disliked, so don’t listen to me and my logic. Just follow along.


I have to see her and her final form but from what i have read i dont think it’ll match my playstile.
The thing i dont get is: I thought SG was alternating female and male characters. We had for example: Bruce Lee then Onatel, Aegir - Polar bear Frida, Zim - Anzogh, Khiona - Kunchen. So i thought May green Hotm would have been a male character since we had Evelyn.

I have to say that u r a little harsh on Leonidas.i have lost and won multiple raids because of him.i dont know why people keep bashing him.he is truly underrated


She is a bad version of Inari.

Great attack stats but… what else?


They say she’s very fast tho.

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That can change very fast since its a month till she will be released…

Yes it is, but work only on nearby.
Idk, on card it suppose to be similar, in reality i feel Inari is better.

Maybe it’s only me.


So my thoughts so far on the leak…

A support hero that could with some luck on boards help you counter fast snipers, but not dealing any damage at all… It’s neat, could be efficient against dudes like Lepus, Magni, maybe even Kageburado etc but always a gamble - if she doesn’t charge before them, she’s becoming useless. Even if she does, there’s always two other heroes that can take the hit. Too many variables for it to be reliable. And because she does not heal, you’d need to reserve two spots for pure utility (considering you take one healer).

Could have a place in high blue titans for chance of survivability and high tile dmg.

Defense - flank only - and should be quite annoying on that position. But there are stronger flanks available.

In current shape, she does not seem like a must have to me. Interesting, but niche design. I would pass on her as well. That’d be my second HotM in a row that I don’t mind to skip.


Execpt that she has horrible defense and HP. Just use tile damage to bring her down.
And if her dodge is dispellable you can just use Melendor/Sabina. They don’t do damage, so she’s unlikely to dodge them.

Also welcome to the Forum :grin:


yeah true… but at the moment it seems, that she(but not her nearbys) is resistent to buff dispellers… so “at least” she keeps her dodge buff… but i think she isnt a awesome hero at the moment either

i have inari and i love her… so if she gets as good as her i maybe take some pulls…

i was wondering if inari and margaret could make an anoying(def)/great(off) combo, but both make no damage (exept inaris minions)… so dont really know how the rest of the team has to look like to make a good team

Misandra, Inari,Margaret and 2 snipers this will be very good team

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Gonna have to put some hitters in there to stand a chance defensively, otherwise what use is the dodge if they’re not feeling pressure to fire specials.

As for Margaret, as she currently sits, I’m having a hard time seeing any real use for her, maybe good defensively for folks that rely on specials to kill tanks, but I believe the meta is at a point now where we rely on tiles for tanks, then bust up a side, then ghost for as long as you’d like. Could be wrong, but the fact that the hero you’d want her to dodge most (gm) is where she’ll fail to dodge most frequently…, I’m just not a huge fan. Could see her for tile damage vs titans, much like inari, but that’s a lot of tonics for such a niche.

She’s resistant to poison, I believe. Her special doesn’t operate on attacks that do no damage, so the non-buffing dispellers will strip it.

Sounds like her special is only good for dodging snipers, something like dot she can’t even dodge, or something like guin. That sounds terrible compare to inari. Worst part she only covers 3, the other two can’t do nothing about snipers. Even rogue talent is better. I hope the finished product is better than this, current form sounds lame and almost useless.

In raids and in war, speed kills.

I want as many very fasts as I can get on my roster. They haven’t made a bad one yet.

Valeria as well - she’s can be quite effective now that she got a large buff.


If it were a very fast attack, I’d agree. The very fast short duration utility buff is a new breed of special that the jury is still out on. I struggled to find the value I was hoping for in the hero I’ve seen so far.

But there’s a lot going on right now in E&P development land. Anzogh shifted before release, in a direction I considered to be very positive. I’m hopeful that Margaret might change for the better between now and release.


I appreciate the insight. It’ll be interesting to see the finished product, because I think June’s is going to be a “must have” for those of us who never snagged Tarlak.

Wouldn’t mind skipping two months in a row on chasing HotM’s.