Any description on May 2019 Nature HOTM? (Margaret, formerly Elinor)

may sounds pretty awesome… if june ends up being a 5* wu, he’ll be pretty desirable too.

Does anyone know Margaret’s stats?

A reminder that posting beta images on the Forum isn’t allowed — largely because they lead to confusion when outdated information is shared.

In this case, Elinor is the former name, not the new name. Margaret is the current name in beta.

Haha! Yup nothing can compete with an Irish lady, best wishes for your mum! Fingers crossed for Irish green.

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So any news on the next month hero?
I plan to keep all the epic hero tokens i get [if i manage to get any], im kinda lacking in greens and i dont have any legendary green heroes [and have like 9 tonics and 16 shields].
Any scoop on who might be and what he’ll/she’ll do [last green was Evelyn if i aint mistaken so this could be a ‘‘he’’].

See: How do I find out the upcoming HOTM? - #11 by zephyr1

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SOOOOOO who’s got the deets on May?? :smiley: now that April’s HOTM is officially available

We know that June’s hotm is a yellow 5* version of WuKong, but I haven’t heard anything about May’s hotm. Any insight would be awesome :slight_smile:

Take this with a grain of salt, but I believe May is:

  • Margaret (formerly Elinor)
  • Nature
  • Atk 821 / Def 648 / HP 1260
  • Very Fast
  • Rogue
  • Caster and nearby allies get a chance to dodge special skills that do damage for 3 turns. The higher the damage, the higher the chance for dodge, ranging from 20% chance to 90%
  • Not sure what her element link or resistance is but she has both

Very interesting design, not sure how I would use her. Obviously some useful similarities to Inari.

What do you all think?


I’m not a huge fan of recycling hero abilities like this. If this is true, it isn’t nearly as demoralizing as Frida and Arthur. Frida just completely make Arthur feel sad and less special as an event 5* when she kind of outclasses him. However, at least here, there is more of a spin on her special and she is in a different color, so I guess that makes up for that defect.

This is the version I saw – subject to change on a whim, as always.

Inari is also very difficult to pull, so I think the idea is to make special dodge abilities more accessible. There is also the added element of the dodge % variability, although I’m not sure how that calculation is made.

I have Inari and am a huge fan of hers, but I don’t think this card would devalue her in its current form. If anything, I’m curious about how they’d play together.

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For sure! I hope she is a sorcerer. This class doesn’t have a huge representation, and I"m lacking a 5* sorcerer.

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Elinor doesn’t make much sense that way. High Atk, but no damage special. Her effect would suggest tank, but she hasn’t nearly enough defense or health for that. Flank could work.
On offense it’s rather strange too. Very fast mana, but what she actually does is drag the battle out.

Elemental link is propably the same as Feb-June, but with fire element defense. And since Ranvir has poison resistance she’ll likely have fire DoT resistance.

Maybe I’ll do Avalon summons, but gonna save EHT for June’s HOTM or summer season event and spend Atlantis coins this month on the off chance of getting Ariel, so it’s not likely that I get Elinor.


Similar design to Inari there as well, in terms of the fragile def / HP and focus on tile damage. She could be very strong in high-level titan battles – it’s just a shame her dodge doesn’t extend to the whole team for that use case.

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Margaret (was Elinor) is the green HotM coming for May. She is very fast, and rogue class.

They recently nerfed her stats a bit, I am guessing because of the mana speed. She has resist to buff dispellers, and element link of +46% against fire for four turns - that was not able to be dispelled.

Her dodge is sketchy, with anywhere from 20% to 90%, related to enemy’s special damage, for herself and nearby.

She seems fun, an Inari type with the evade but maybe difficult to find a consistent use for her.

As it is still really early in testing, I expect to see more changes before actual release.

Frida is better for raids but Arthur is better for titans. She doesn’t straight up outclass him, she’s just better for her role. She hits multiple enemies and gives them elemental debuff. Arthur hits one target harder and gives it elemental debuff. Arthur also gives -attack which is great against titans.


Green ghetto?!!?

Evelyn, Evelyn, ever since Evelyn the ghetto is gone… Hansel is a fantastic 4* for green in case any love can be spared for a lowly 4*, holding his own against many 5* in raid after raid. After Evelyn came MN and Hatter, two to keep Alby company…



Green actually has a ton of great heroes. Evelyn, Lianna, tarlak, alby, Zeline, MN, Gregorian, Yunan; off the top of my head. These are some of the best heroes in the game.


I think yellow and purple are generally the worst attackers actually. It makes sense they did that because those two colors are neutral against the other 3. But if we’re talking tc20 heroes, what are the options? 4* yellow is pretty awful. Li xiu And chao are :poop: they hit like pillows. Chao mana cut is basically useless. Hi Tao also hits like a pillow but at slow mana. Wu kong is great for titans but that’s about it. 5* yellow has vivica which is good but the others, Leonidas is :poop: Justice is an ok tank but that’s her only role. Purple in 4* doesn’t even hit at all besides Tiburtus. Rigard is a great hero, very important, but he’s not killing anybody. For 5* purple, Quintus is ok but I wouldn’t spend mats on him because slow mana and squishy. Obakan is garbage, but unfortunately among the best options. Really it’s just Sartana and Joon that are good yellow or purple attackers, from tc20. Whereas green has Caedmon, little John, skittskull is actually decent too with a high attack stat and decent ability. I never leveled her but I don’t think she’s awful. Uh I think melendor sucks because he’s too squishy to be able to heal your team reliably (which reminds me of Sabina, not good for the same reason.) Kashrek is a great tank and a decent healer to bring on offence. Lianna is a great 5* the other 5* elves aren’t great but anyways I think green is pretty good.


As for yellow attackers, I think you’ve forgotten about Joon, and now Poseidon.