Any description on May 2019 Nature HOTM? (Margaret, formerly Elinor)

All the sites I have been to get information on future HOTMs has suddenly stopped publishing those information.
Any description or stat regarding May 2019 HOTM and see if it worth me saving my gems for?

5* Nature Hero
Blaze it - Slow
Confuses all enemies, which makes them attack each other with normal attacks. All allies gain +36% ATK for 2 turns, and regain 50% of the damage dealt to the enemies.


The one I’ve seen has a poison resist, gives caster and nearby allies a chance to dodge specials, moderate mana increase with successful dodge, element link to increase defense against fire. No idea whose info is right… I’m not in beta myself.


average mana, and similar to inari?

The image I saw is scrolled so as not to see that information. She is a rogue.

This would definitely be a cool Hero. Hope it does have these capabilities.

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jumping to may already, anybody know what the april hotm will be?

Check out this thread, and look for references to Anzogh:

thanks zephyr, i only read bits and pieces and didn’t read the full thread. onwards to may then, haha.

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Apparently beta is allowed to post text of hero’s and Sgg and mods are ok with it. Just no pics even after they are released. Anzogh is openly found in other threads. April is going to be anzogh, red they just changed him in beta they took one of his special effects away. May is female Margaret. Fyi, its m,f,m,f for hotm as confirmed in the AMA from Sgg devs. I think Margaret was elinor but its been changed to get more elderly hero’s in the game, again as per AMA. I also heard June could be ranvir, like a 5* wu. Thec sites that had this info made it 403 so its still there its just access protected. Otherwise it would have been error 404. Hope that helps. If anyone has Margaret or ranvir info please post.

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Yes, the rule SGG has stated is no pics or videos. Nothing else is restricted.

So players can literally retype text from beta and post it, from my understanding.

Her name changed, but the character art didn’t. She was already an older woman than most of the female heroes.


What in particular would you like to know?

Wow so I can’t wait for May to get that 5* Wu if… I’m lucky

Anything about the special skill??? Fast average slow ??? :slight_smile:

First, a reminder that things being tested in beta nearly ALWAYS change before release. So don’t presume this will be accurate upon release. :slight_smile:

Currently Margaret is Very Fast, and grants her and nearby allies a chance to dodge special attacks that include damage. The chance of dodging increases with higher damage attacks. Successful dodges give a moderate amount of mana to the target of the special attack that was dodged.

It’s a lot like a super charged version of the Rogue Class Evade Talent — with some notable differences, including a higher percent chance to dodge (if it’s a strong special attack), the fact that dodged attacks are dodged entirely (including status effects, not just the damage), and that successful dodges produce some mana.


So May HoTM is a very fast old lady who gracefully dodges specials? Gotta say I like it, kudos to SG…


Thanks zephyr1. 20 chars :slight_smile:

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Is evasion tanks + blind going to be the new meta? I better get debuffers and cleansers soon on my team. :rofl:


may sounds pretty awesome… if june ends up being a 5* wu, he’ll be pretty desirable too.

Does anyone know Margaret’s stats?

A reminder that posting beta images on the Forum isn’t allowed — largely because they lead to confusion when outdated information is shared.

In this case, Elinor is the former name, not the new name. Margaret is the current name in beta.