Any chance to have a couple more tournament rules

And even worse as they are using only 32 out of the 54 possible combinations. So a 3* Rush Attack No fire never shows up…just an example.

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I completely agree that more and more elite tournaments may discourage lower levels, this could be addressed by having 2 tournament tiers? One targeted at lower players and bringing back the 2 star tourneys (with lesser loot obviously!) and one for more advanced players with some of the new options

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Corellia’s Champion
All season 1 heroes have a perpetual +25% mana generation.

Tournament players usually avoid using season 1 heroes in their team because season 1 heroes are weaker. Increasing the mana charge speed of season 1 heroes will increase their overall strength and thus encourage players to use season 1 heroes (training camp heroes) in their team.

Under Corellia’s Champion the mana charge speed of season 1 heroes will improve as follows:
a. Slow becomes average
b. Average becomes fast
c. Fast becomes very fast

Imagine Grimm, Gormek and Tiburtus being fast.
Imagine Boldtusk, Kiril and Rigard being fast.
The rule makes the otherwise lacklustre season 1 heroes very competitive.


Rainbow Rage
Each hero gets a perpetual +10% attack for each colour among allies that is not the same as the hero’s colour. It stacks with other attack buffs.

If your team has 4 colours, your heroes each gets a perpetual +30% attack.
If your team has 3 colours, your heroes each gets a perpetual +20% attack.
If your team has 2 colours, your heroes each gets a perpetual +10% attack.
If your team mono-coloured, your heroes do not get the attack buff.

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Vandeta Vision
Each hero gets a +25% chance to do critical hit for each dead ally.

If you destroy the opposing team one hero at a time, the opposing team’s damage output will increase for an insane amount.

Players will have to build their team that is adapted to kill off the opposing team in one explosive round. Players must learn to hold from casting a single readied skill and wait for all the heroes to have their skills readied before casting it all in a single round.

Another viable strategy is continuous damage. Build a team that do a combination of burn, poison, wound, water and/or wind damage. Injure the opposing heroes slowly until you can destroy all of them in one swoop.

We have tournaments for 3-star through 5-star heroes, where people bring their best max-level heroes to the battle.

How about a test run of something a little bit different: 3-60 or 3-70 tournaments! Details follow:

3-70 tournament: You can bring any hero, and you can use any troops, just like a normal 5* tournament. Only catch is, if you bring a 5* hero that is ascended beyond 3-70, then it is treated as if it were 3-70 - its has lower max values for attack, health, etc. and no talents it may have are counted while it is in tournament battles.

So for this… what 5* heroes would you bring along, even if you can only have them at 3-70? Or do you think 4* with emblems would dominate this tournament? It might be interesting to see what combinations people come up with!

3-60 tournament: You can bring anything up to 4* heroes (no 5* allowed in this one), and up to 3* troops; similar to above, if you bring a 4* that is ascended past 3-60, it will be treated as if it were 3-60 - lower max values for attack, health, etc. and no talents it may have are counted while it is in tournament battles.

Same here… do you have any awesome 4* that would be good enough at 3-60 to bring along instead of maxed and emblemed 3* heroes here?

Just a wacky idea that popped into my head. These tourneys might get people able to use some of those heroes they’ve been stuck waiting to ascend, desperately hoping for just ONE. MORE. MAT!

Good gaming!

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Some other ideas:

Tournaments by Team Cost. Lower it from 130 to something like 90 and get mixed 4s and 5s. Change it up.

No-Emblems tournament. All heroes act as if they have no emblems.

Class Tournaments. If you can do a Trial, you can do a Tournament.

Eliminate more than one color.

Only male / only female heroes (why not - let’s just have fun).

Defenders Battle - tile damage decreases with stacking!


There needs to be more in tournaments now, I suggest we remove the specials from the heroes and/or only buffs or only ailments as one of the tournament choices.


Remove a second element, it might make it harder or easier but it will be a change to make playing more interesting.

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Afternoon Crimson, I’ve put this with the master list of new tournament ideas :+1:

Hope you’re well, dude :wink:

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Thanks, doing well hope you are too. Did a search but didn’t see this thread, don’t think i had the right words in the search.

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How about “ladies only” tournaments and “gentlemen only” tournaments, where your team must be made up entirely of female or male heroes, respectively?

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