Any chance of Spectator Mode during war?


Maybe a mode where we can watch a battle during wars, even if we can’t see the tiles or the board, maybe just both teams and their normal attacks and specials.


Heck yeah, it’s be great to be able to watch how someone else plays a board and uses their heroes. It would only benefit the ENTIRE player base. Literally NO negatives…unless you’re concerned about ‘trade secrets’ being exposed.

Even then, it would only benefit alliance members(who should be the only ones able to spectate).


Would prefer to just see the whole board, but I could imagine you may not want to have the tiles or board shown, in case some players miss obvious diamonds, may cause a little embarrassment or create tension, but I think it would be easy to show just the heroes and the specials and no board if that is a concern.

Would be especially nice to watch your own team performance when it is attacked. You can get info about how the battle goes, make adjustments or realize some heros need to be replaced or their positions changed. Or maybe realize that it’s vulnerable to certain offensive teams you never thought of. As it is now, you don’t really get much feedback about how your defense team works.

After all, it makes no sense to say that the heroes were in this battle, but they have no idea who even attacked them???