Any benefit to maxing recruit housing?

Just curious since personally i dont see any gain from it

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I’m not sure but what’s the maximum recruit limit?

The only thing I see is it lets you juggle TC20 or other food/recruit banks easier or it lets you farm more without having to expend on TC.

Not very good reasons but sometimes handy for those of us with many TC20s running


When you run out of food which rarely happens. :joy:

Sky is the limit if you have enough gems.

Actually I just saw it’s 294 recruits from my game. :sweat_smile:


When you’ve got full iron and your important buildings are maxed I don’t see why not.


Only reason I am building past 250 recruit storage is for future Stronghold 21+. Max all the things ( including the “Forgotten Forge” ).

But once you get to 250, the main reason is to keep your builder busy. If you need the iron, stop at 202- 252.

Really annoying it does not go to 302 maximum.

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I can hold 206 and even before then i never had an issue juggling recruits. Leveling it “just because” at this point but i feel like some kind of benefit needs to be added if there isnt one. We shouldnt have buildings that dont give some kind of return.

Has anyone suggested getting more recruits from raids with higher level recruit storages? Or even just getting more altogether? Or perhaps adding recruits to watchtower and being able to produce more depending on level of recruit storage? I dont have the time to comb the forum at the moment lol


I feel that the city building aspect of the game is too simple, everyone must walk exactly the same path, often no real benefit for a new level. For example tc levels between 14 and 19 gives no value for me. Housing is another example.

Would be more fun if there were options to choose from and people would feel the positive impact of each level. For example if I could choose if a rss spot should be iron or food. Higher housing could increase how many recuits we get from raiding, higher level tc can reduce amount of rss/recuits needed to train, etc.

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For me its just laziness. I can keep farming without going back to the home screen to load up troops in one of my TCs.

After you got everything important built, you just click on things as available with little care.

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I’m unaware of any mechanical benefit to having more recruit space. It just saves some hassle here and there. I built my out because of excess iron.


Nop no benefits at all, but after 1 year playing the game you have to spend the iron in something :slight_smile:


I’ll ask 1 more time lol

Does anyone feel there should be benefits? If yes then we need an idea thread. If not then dead topic

It would be nice if housing space influenced the recruit drops. Currently it appears that there is fixed number of recruits per map level, plus or minus one. The random roll that determines the +/- could be skewed towards giving you the extra recruit when you have bigger houses.


Definitely yes.

20 char

  • 102 recruit capacity is required to run TC20.
  • 142 recruit capacity makes it a lot easier to move a bunch of recruits from TC13 to TC20 if you find yourself needing to do so when you first get TC20 but isn’t required.
  • 202 recruit capacity makes managing TC20 easier

Those are the only benefits I’m certain of.

I don’t know how the recruits you get for winning a raid are calculated, and I wonder if that influences it, like food and iron storage influence food and iron in raid chests?

I personally maxed my houses before this change. (I didn’t have anything better to do with my iron either.)

I think I’ve always seen 4, 5, or 6 recruits as a raid win reward, and generally bigger cup gains went with the larger numbers. I’ve also been in diamond the whole time.


You get gem rewards from “missions” when you get a house to level 5, 7, 15 & 20. So once you have all your most important buildings as high as you need them its worth maxing one of your houses.

Besides that its unneeded

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