Any alliances looking to merge?

We are an alliance of 12 strong English talking players of 2000 plus trophies, seeking a similar sized alliance of maximum 18 to join forces with us. UMadBro? Is seeking for a Mad Bro to transform us into a fighting force.

Its a chilled but competitive alliance and we are open to any players as long as you are active, trophy count is not important.

And our seasoned players can help you learn.

I didn’t find you in the alliance search, so I’m not sure where you are, but…I’m looking for 5 members that have a 3200+ power team for merger. Let me know if interested. Thanks!

We are looking for 9 players to join our alliance.

Council of Yeen

Drop in and we’ll give you a link to our Discord site and we can have a decent conversation about it all…

I am Pridbor, a co-leader, ask for me!


I may be able to help you

@Chaos-Reigns - I’m looking for 5 as well in the 3000 team power range…

What I wanna do is, I have started 4 alliances. Now I only possess 1. I’m wanting to make multiple alliances and merge them …I already have a few powerful people to bring with me to the new alliance

Join us at Council of Yeen …

Come check us out, send a scout, learn what we’re all about.


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@Chaos-Reigns Right now I have 4 spots open, but 2 are on hold until I hear back from someone. How many people do you need to bring with you to be happy?

Check out Ishtar. Has 4-5 spaces. 1600 cups and it’s open. 6-8 * Titans. Winning record in AW. Very loyal group of players.Has revolving door with 2 sister Alliances. Can make you guys co-leaders.

It’s not me being happy. I can easily begin another new alliance. It’s me coming into someone’s alliance with about 4 of my people and building it up. Instead of me doing it from scratch I’d rather help someone who is struggling

Well what I’m taking with me is 2 of them is actually close to 4000. Ones a level 52 and the other is a 36

@Chaos-Reigns … How many people total? I have room for 3 in my alliance and in my sister alliance I believe they have room for 3.

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What I’m gonna do is jump into a struggling alliance and build it up. Then form them into the alliance I already have as a family. But if your alliance is good then you don’t need me.

Here’s what I’m doing. I’m bringing 5 of us total. But I will want a definite coleader spot and I’ll kinda be the backseat boss. But if I help an alliance they’ll have to change their alliance name to incorporate my prior alliance. Like I said I’m forming a family of about 5 alliances. I’ve already started 3. But the name will have to have the word Chaos in it. My alliance I just started is HOUSE OF CHAOS

Hello STIFFY1,

we have 20/30 members to our alliance “The community”. you can come and join us. we all hit titans and wars. the alliance power is 63K. Are you interesting?

Just so everyone is a where, UMadBro is actually Darkness^Light. After a bunch of members left, we were experimenting with names and UMadBro was one of them. But, we returned the name to Darkness^Light so any previous members can find it again.

Skippy is now in The Bearded Rooster so any alliance merger discussion for Darkness^Light can also go in the topic Darkness^Light is recruiting.

Speak to your leader. I’m expanding and am in search of other productive alliances to go into the chaos unit. I have a few 2 im considering but if hes interested message me

Okay, we have 6 place open! :blush: Faced some issues this weekend. And I would love to find alliance, which can join us. This point we really need mercs, since we are fighting against 9* titan. Our alliance is Titan Assassins!

Darkside Hunters. We need 6, recently had a shake up and got rid of some inactives. We consistently take down all 7*, struggling with 8. Come for the hunt…stay for the battles. Hope to see someone soon!

Hello, SAG Players is looking to merge with a small alliance of 5 to 7 players. We are a very active, english speaking, 23 members alliance. Team power greater than 3000, but not a necessity. We are hitting 7 star titans.

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