Any advice on team build, deficiencies, and best summons?

Hi everyone, still fairly new to the game and trying to learn about team makeup/builds for different scenarios. Any help with my best build for raid and wars?

Also any deficiencies you can see in my team, or specific characters I should be looking to summon for?

Lastly, I have gems for a 10summon saved up— any advice on the best event to try and summon during?

General Advice:

It’s hard to give much advice about a team build without seeing all the options available… As I said, I would focus on building up some 4* hero depth (probably some 3* heroes first before that even).

Best summons spot is hard to say. From the looks of things, you’ve done some summoning already at the Valhalla portal. The best spot also depends on if you’re F2P, C2P or P2P.

If you’re F2P, best spot is the costume chamber

If you’re C2P then I would recommend doing some at Guadians of Teltoc (Monthly challenge event starting today – for Guardian Falcon & Guardian Jackal) then doing some on Atlantis Portal (for Wilbur & Proteus particularly).

Some of the other events also have great options like Fables of Grimforest (Hansel & Gretel) while some aren’t so great; like Pirates of Correllia (Peters & Boomer).

If you’re P2P it doesn’t matter where you start summoning :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll get to all of them eventually I’m sure.

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Thanks so much for the advice!
Definitely makes sense to lean into leveling 4-stars, and not wasting mats on 5s.

I’ll link my current roster below, but think I’m gonna push to get my current hero’s (Rigard, Gormek, Kirin) maxed, then focus on Caedmon (for dispel), Hu Tao, Bold Tusk, and Little John. Any others that I should maybe focus on first?

As far as style, I’m leaning C2P… fine with dropping a few bucks on summons or rare ascension gear when I see it, but not really looking to be a big spender and pull for every 5 star. That being said, I think I’ll do my 10 summon during this event and see what I get! Seems like there aren’t too many hero’s in the costume event that would be as helpful.

I would recommend getting a couple 3* levelled in each colour before moving onto the 4* heroes even (and obviously before going too hard on the 5* ones).

3* Heroes:

  • Purple - Bjorn & Tyrum. Gives you damage & a dispelling hero which are great. Chochin, Balthazar & Jack are also pretty solid. You can dispose of Vlad & Renfeld & not miss them :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Yellow - Pixie & Melia & Bane. If you only wanted 2, you can probably post-pone doing Pixie for a while. Kailani can be a later thing & dawa you can eat away :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Red: Hawkmoon & Costume + Namahage. Nashgar keep for later.
  • Blue: Gato & Valen. Keep Ulmer & Gunanr for later. Karil is OK. Can eat away graymane.
  • Green: Belith & Costume, Grevle & Mnesseus. Brienne for later. Isshtak is like Karil (OK). By-Ulf, Carver & Friar Tuck you can lose if you’re pressed for space.

4* Heroes:

  • Purple - Rigard & Costume > Cyprian. Stonecleave & Ammeona are OK but niche… Take a specific gameplay style haha
  • Yellow: Chao > Hu Tao. Point Damage with faster mana & mana control is very handy.
  • Red: Boldtusk > Gormek > Colen. Dupes of Gormek are OK but probably not really necessary.
  • Blue: Kiril 1 > Valeria > Dupe Kiril… Other new blue heroes can bump up the queue.
  • Green: Almur > Caedmon. Would probably do Caedmon 2 before Gobbler personally.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Incredibly helpful, thank you!!

As far as leveling, would you recommend just taking 3 stars to 3-50 and saving emblems for 4s, or go as far as taking some up their respective talent trees?

Also, just got a ridiculous 10 summon (2x guardian Jackal, guardian Bat, Kelile, Grimm, and Glenda extra pull)! Assume I add Guardian Jackal and Grimm to my list to level sooner rather than later? Guardian Bat seems rather niche, and I’ll wait on Glenda for a bit.

I personally don’t have any emblems on my 3* heroes :slight_smile: no real need for them.

Guardian Jackal goes to the front of the 4* yellow list.

Grimm between Kiril #1 & Valeria

Kelile wherever after Boldtusk; she’s pretty decent.

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