Any advice on my lineup?

I feel like I’m blindly just leveling up heroes. I’m not a noob but I dont have enough knowledge to be considered a vet. The only hero I have that I know is top tier is Gravemaker. Right now my lineup left to right is:

Drake Fong

I’m thinking of swapping Sonya for Aegir and Drake Fong with Vivica. Any advice?

I was even considering replacing Sonya with Triton for his ability to be both offensive and defensive.

You’ve got a great selection of heroes. You can definitely see you have been indecisive with levelling. It definitely slows the game when you’re levelling a heap at once. You’ll make some great progress if you focus you’re energy on your preferred 5. I think the biggest influence would be what ascension mats you have in possession?

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Ascend following heroes fully to 4/80 or 4/70:

Against Titans you will Need Wu kong + 4 of the same colour, but dont forget to ascend a healer in each colour too.

Purple: 1.tiburtus, 2.khiona, 3.Proteus
4. Rigard or sabina which you get first.

Red: 1.gormek, 2. gravemaker and boldtusk if you will get him. Dont forget to ascend wilbur and or falcon immediately if you get them.

Green: melendor, caedmon, kashrek.

Blue: Sonja, triton. If you get Grimm and or kiril ascend them too.

Yellow: wu kong, jackal, vivica, Drake fong.

Completely agree with the “focus” idea.

Some general points:

  • 5* heroes are very expensive to develop. I would strongly urge you build two 4* of each color before working on a 5*.
  • looking just at your 4* (in light of the first point), I’d focus as follows:
  1. purple Complete Tibertus if you can. Work on Proteus next.
  2. yellow Compete Jackal as far as you can. Then Wu Kong, then Drake.
  3. blue Complete Sonya, then Triton
  4. green Complete Melendor (you are short on healers) then Caedmon,
  5. red Complete Gormek, then Gravemaker.

It looks like you have gotten way ahead of yourself on hero pulls versus ascension mats. My policy is not to give 3* ascension mats to 5* heroes until I am close to being able to fully level them.

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Yea I keep having a good idea of where I want to go but I keep getting lucky pulls. I probably spend $20 a month since I started playing a few months ago. I didnt really understand the dire nature of ascension material till I got bottle necked on hidden blades. This is what i got so far:

I agree with @Kerridoc about focus. Given that the only color you have the mats to fully ascend right now is 4* green, don’t even worry about your 5* yet. Focus on taking your 4* as far as you can get them until you hit the ascension materials wall. Work on one of each color at a time. Don’t worry about summoning more heroes at this point. Get your TCs up to 20 and use them to give you a steady flow of feeders. Feed same color for the efficiency.

I don’t generally start working on a 5* until I have at least 5 of the 6 color specific 4* mats I need to max them.

Just as an aside, are you completing all 5 levels of each rare quest every time? They are the most reliable source of ascension materials.

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Yes I complete those events every chance I get. But only as of recently. I didnt know how important they were before.

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Need same help!

Green: Tarlak. Then…I don’t know who will be the better choice.
Purple: Tiburtus.
Blue: Grimm
Red: Azar
Yellow: Li Xiu

Dont make the same mistake as me. Focus on a good 3* team for events. Then only 4*. Leave 5* alone

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Is sonya still better than triton considering he also has caedmon?

depending on the tonics he has I would do tarlak and Hansel

I advised for Sonya because she was already in final ascension. Otherwise, given Caedmon, I would have tipped Triton.

Hello everyone, can i get some good lineup ? Im new i have no idea which one i must to lvl up or how to get some good lineup with heroes did i have. Can u help me ? sry for eng. And thx for help