Any administrator to help me?

Hi I’m having trouble with my account. I don’t see opponents with more than 28 trophies to attack in Assaults. They all have few trophies, and when they attack me in revenge they take me out between 45 and 50 trophies. I need you to fix it please, since I spend a lot of money on the game and I don’t want to stop playing it. Thanks a lot

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Isn’t a bug or even an issue. Sometimes you get weak opponents. Reroll for stronger ones to gain more cups.


About 40k ham for this raid.
Forget about cups.
Go to get recources from raids.


Of course it’s a mistake. I’ve always attacked and stolen over 40 trophies per attack. And now, after this last update there are no opponents with more than 28 trophies. I’m tired of looking and there’s no. Instead of my alliance mates’ accounts, he’s normal

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Olmor is wise. Listen to Olmor. He is right.


Account specific issues can’t be addressed on the Forum, as no one with access to player accounts handles Forum posts about account issues.

I’d recommend contacting Support directly if you think there’s an issue specific to your account.


How many cups do you have? If you have 2700+, there are just a few player left with the needed amount of cups that are necessary to provide 40+ cups for a victory.

Btw. If you already spent the money, its a pretty idle threat to leave the game. :blush:


Considering this is the 2nd or 3rd person reporting this today, they may be onto somethin

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Just saw one of the other threads when I finished my post. Maybe a new tactic to stink against the game?

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Think just a possible bug in the match making for raids

We’ll see how many reports show up i guess

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@Tyrael, I presume you don’t belong to any alliance. All the similar issues reported these days, come from players with no alliance. And one of them posted even a video, showing that no matter how many re-rolls, he received only opponents with no alliance and small amount of trophies.


Welcome to e&p…

Well that’s interesting

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